Mahindra University Partners With La Trobe

  • Mahindra University collaborates with La Trobe, Australia, fostering academic excellence, student exchange and research opportunities in civil engineering

Mahindra University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with La Trobe University, Australia, to enhance Civil Engineering education and research. The MoU aims to provide study abroad opportunities and scholarships worth AUD 9500 per annum, as well as a 2-year post-study work permit for students.

Mahindra University and La Trobe University, Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance civil engineering education. The partnership includes a four-year programme, a student exchange initiative and faculty exchange programmes. Students will have the opportunity to complete their undergraduate programme at La Trobe University, gaining valuable international experience and a world-renowned academic environment.

La Trobe University is offering scholarships worth AUD 9500 per annum to Mahindra University students participating in a programme. After completing their two-year study in Australia, students can apply for a two-year Post Study Work Permit, enhancing their global employability. The Bendigo campus offers an additional two-year PSW period, making it an attractive option for Australian career seekers.

“The MoU marks a significant step towards fostering future civil engineering leaders by offering students advanced knowledge, industry-relevant skills and a global perspective, preparing them for successful international careers”, Dr Yajulu Medury, Vice Chancellor, Mahindra University, said.

La Trobe University’s Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) programme is accredited by Engineers Australia, ensuring the highest standards of education for its students.

“Mahindra University students are being welcomed into our academic community, fostering cross-cultural exchange and strategic partnerships for both universities”, Hossam Abuel-Naga, Head of the Department of Engineering, La Trobe University, said.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission will promote collaboration with India, thereby strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

“Mahindra University and La Trobe University have formed a strategic partnership to strengthen educational and cultural ties between India and Australia, fostering academic and research collaborations and mutual understanding”, Dr. Monica Kennedy, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner, said.

The collaboration between La Trobe University and Mahindra University will involve faculty exchange programmes, allowing students to gain diverse perspectives and teaching methodologies. Students will also have the opportunity to undertake industry internships, enhancing their practical skills and relevance. Additionally, they will receive a stipend of up to $11,000 for a six-month internship, providing financial support during this valuable hands-on experience.

Mahindra University and La Trobe University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster international collaborations, promote academic excellence and prepare students for the future of work, paving the way for future academic exchanges and research collaborations.

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