How Delhi Virtual School is Making it ‘Real’ for Students

  • Delhi Model Virtual School (DMVS) is ensuring that students receive a real school experience despite being online. The school holds morning assemblies, curated and presented by students, which focus on themes and include guest lectures. These assemblies are said to be better than those in the students’ previous schools. The virtual school, affiliated with the Delhi Board of School Education, aims to impart knowledge, life skills, and humanitarian values. DMVS also offers admission to Class XI in STEM and humanities streams and provides individual attention to students. Parents have expressed satisfaction with the teaching and experiences at DMVS.

Delhi Model Virtual School (DMVS) may be holding classes online, but it is also taking initiatives to ensure that students don’t miss out on the real school experience.

One such initiative is the morning assemblies curated and presented by a group of students. Every child attends these theme-based assemblies. There are also guest lectures focusing mostly on life skills and humanitarian values.

Aditi Gupta, a Class X student who got admitted into DMVS in its first batch last year, said these assemblies were even better than what used to take place in her previous school in Ghaziabad. “We are divided into four houses and each group is presented with a theme. We usually coordinate and make presentations about various relevant topics like concentration, environment, etc,” Gupta said, adding that the assembly starts at 8am and is over by 8.25am.

She decided to enrol into DMVS, a virtual school affiliated with Delhi Board of School Education, as her mother could not afford private school fees.

In its second year, DMVS, which has over 100 students, is now offering admission to Class XI in the STEM and humanities streams.

“The idea behind these virtual assembly sessions was to impart knowledge and instil crucial life skills and humanitarian values, preparing students to be adept 21st-century learners and compassionate human beings. As the assemblies are hosted and conceptualised by the children themselves, they serve as a canvas for students to showcase their talents, express their ideas and collaborate as a team,” said DMVS principal BK Sharma.

Another Class X student, Ahona Das, who lives in Bangalore, shared how she had made presentations on topics like animal welfare, wildlife and time management. “Though we are connected virtually, we all work as a team. Teachers are also always around to guide us,” said Das. “I also enjoy the Samwaad sessions where various personalities come and share about their lives. It is always interesting to learn new things.”

Das decided to join DMVS last year as she was culturally active. “Now I have also been learning dance, which I could not do earlier as I had to attend eight hours of school. I have also been performing during cultural festivals and the annual day virtually,” she said.

The Samwaad sessions have taken place on issues such as entrepreneurship, patriotism, music, positive attitude, equanimity and anger management. “These enriching interactions expand students’ horizons, fostering curiosity and a thirst for learning beyond the classroom,” said Sharma.

A parent who lives in Goa shared that he was more than happy with the teaching and experiences of DMVS. The family shifted to Goa from Delhi a few years ago. “I was not very happy with the education in Goa, so I thought that a virtual school would be better than sending my son to a boarding school. It is nice to see how each student gets individual attention here,” said Manish Saraf, father of Akarsh studying in Class X.

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