PM Announces 5-Year PG Visa for Indian Students in France

  • Previously, Indian students studying in France were granted a two-year postgraduate work visa

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced an extended postgraduate work visa for Indian students in France. Modi stated that France has decided to offer a long-term five-year visa to students pursuing a master’s degree in their country.

This declaration was made during Prime Minister’s address to the Indian community at La Seine Musicale in Paris.

Previously, Indian students in France were given a two-year postgraduate work visa. A postgraduate work visa (PGWV) – also referred to as the Graduate Route in some nations – is a period of time provided by the host country for international students. The postgraduate work visa permits international students to complete their studies and then stay for several years (as determined by the local government) to seek job opportunities and gain experience.

However, most countries require students to ensure that the jobs they apply for are relevant to their chosen field, in which they have obtained their degree.

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