BriBooks and Education World Partner to Launch World’s Largest Book Writing Summer Camp with Top Global Authors and 10,000+ Participating Schools

  • The Summer Book Writing Festival – World’s Largest Book Writing Camp for Kids

BriBooks and Education World have announced the 2023 edition of the Summer Book Writing Festival, an exclusive free online event that invites over 10,000 schools and 500,000 students from grades 1-12 to learn from global experts in book writing, storytelling, and book marketing. 

Organised by BriBooks – the world’s largest creative writing platform for kids, the event aims to help students refine their writing skills and unleash their creativity. Global experts such as Dr. Carl D. Marci (Harvard Ph.D., author, entrepreneur, and scientist), Diane Tavenner (Author, founder of Summit Public Schools), Omri Marcus (global comedy writer), Mariana Atencio (CNBC anchor), and Kristen Grimm (storyteller and moderator at Aspen Institute) will share their knowledge and insights on writing, storytelling, and book marketing.

After the masterclass series, students will have the opportunity to use BriBooks’ AI-driven creative writing platform to write, publish, and sell their books. The platform offers customizable book templates, illustrations, and editing tools that will help students bring their ideas to life.

“We are thrilled to bring some of the world’s leading writers, educators, and entrepreneurs together to share their expertise with Indian students,” said Ami Dror, Founder of BriBooks. “Our aim is to inspire young minds to become creative thinkers, effective writers, and successful authors. We are confident that the festival will be a tremendous success and look forward to seeing the fantastic books that students will create using the BriBooks platform.”

The selected schools can register online at the BriBooks website and receive a student communication kit to share with their students. 

About BriBooks is a revolutionary platform designed to unleash the creativity of children around the world. As the largest creative writing platform for children, we are dedicated to providing young authors with the tools they need to bring their stories to life. Our Artificial Intelligence writing engine guides budding writers through the creative process, helping them develop their skills and craft their unique narratives. With BriBooks, families can publish their children’s books and share them with the world, inspiring others with their imagination and creativity. We believe that every child has a story to tell, and we are proud to be a part of their journey to becoming published authors.

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