Mahindra University Hosts Session On Intellectual Property

The event titled ‘Crossroads Of IPR Laws With Technology’ was hosted by the School of Law

Mahindra University welcomed Dr S Rama Rao, former Microsoft Chair professor of Intellectual Property and ex-director of World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) at United Nations, for an interactive session with law students on April 25, 2023. The event titled ‘Crossroads Of IPR Laws With Technology’ was hosted by the School of Law and began with the presentation of a bouquet to Dr Rao by Senior Professors Dr Nisha Matthew, Dr Manjula Mallepalli and Dr Vinay Sharma.

During the session, Dr Rama Rao introduced the concept of Intellectual Property and its importance in safeguarding scientific, original and creative works arising from the creation of a person’s mind. He also discussed patents, their criteria for approval and their relevance in the film industry. Additionally, Dr Rao elaborated on trademarks as a type of intellectual property and their significance in providing identification signs for various products published by an entity.

Dr Rama Rao proposed the installation of an Intellectual Property Office on the campus, similar to those installed in many universities including the IIMs. The Intellectual Property Office would be responsible for safeguarding all creative works published on the campus, protecting them from being plagiarised by any other person or programme without mentioning the source from which the information has been taken. The session concluded with Dr Rao expressing his gratitude for being in India, where intellectual leaders are born and highlighting the importance of safeguarding the original works of the students, particularly given the university’s writers and innovators.

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