IMS Noida Inks MoU With KC Global Edutech

The partnership aims to start US-CMA and US-CPA courses

Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with KC Global Edutech On the occasion, IMS President Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Dean Major Nupur Gupta, KC Global Edutech CEO Kamal Chhabra, and GM Vivek Hisaria were present during a program organized at the institute campus. At the same time, aspects of the academic progress and future of the students were also discussed during the program.

During the event, IMS President Rajeev Kumar Gupta said that the US Certified Public Accountant (US-CPA) and US Certified Management Accountant (US-CMA) will help students to build sound financial strategies. Major Nupur Gupta said that IMS Noida signed MoU with KC Global Edutech to start US-CMA and US-CPA Courses.

He said that it is a matter of honor for us that in the coming time, institutional students, as well as non-institutional students will be able to study international standard courses at IMS Noida. After the courses and earning their diploma, students can advance their talents, which will help them obtain desirable placements.

On the same time Kamal Chhabra KC Global Edutech said that the US-CMA and US-CPA courses have been designed for the students as per the international standard. He said that this course provides wide opportunities both at the national and international levels. US-CPA is in high demand among professionals in the field of finance and accountants. New opportunities in forensic accounting, international accounting, internal accounting, and external accounting are made available through the US-CPA program. On the other hand, the US-CMA is intended for accountants and financial experts. This will make you efficient in financial analysis, financial control, and financial decision-making.

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