International Master’s Degrees Empower Women’s Careers

As per Prodigy Finance Impact Report 2022, female graduates show overwhelmingly positive outcomes following their master’s degrees. 95 per cent of the women surveyed reported that their master’s degree has helped them access better career opportunities. This shows the transformative power of higher education and the support Prodigy Finance provides.

93 per cent of the female graduates reported to have achieved a higher salary. In fact, for 72 per cent of them, their salary doubled after completing their master’s program abroad.

Sonal Kapoor, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Prodigy Finance, said,” Women are making significant contributions to the global economy. Despite juggling domestic responsibilities, women today are successful in their careers. They are breaking barriers and excelling in various fields. At Prodigy Finance, we recognise the immense talent and capability that women bring to the table and are committed to creating opportunities for all aspiring learners, regardless of gender”

According to Statista, out of the global workforce consisting of an estimated 3.5 billion people in 2023, approximately 2.1 billion are men and 1.4 billion are women. Women today are fearless and ambitious, navigating life’s challenges while still advancing and excelling in their respective fields of work, making significant contributions to their countries.

Prodigy Finance provides an equal funding platform to students across the world, irrespective of their gender. To date, they have provided financing to almost 9,000 women, and the number keeps growing. In fact, in 2021, women made up one-third of all loan recipients.

The no collateral, no cosigner loans from Prodigy Finance can help you make career advancement without putting any pressure on your families. Their loans come with competitive interest rates and repayment terms ranging from 7 to 20 years, making it easier for female graduates to fund their academic pursuits and achieve their career goals.

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