Amity Student Secures Funding for Aquatic Microplastics Solution

  • Ria P Dey, a BTech Aerospace Engineering student at Amity University Noida, receives INR 700,000 funding from AICTE & MoE’s Innovation Cell for her innovation ‘Aquarius’

Amity University student Ria P Dey has been awarded INR 700,000.00 from AICTE & Ministry for her autonomous underwater vehicle, ‘Aquarius’ which uses artificial intelligence to detect and remove micro nano plastics from the ocean. The vehicle conserves biodiversity and saves aquatic flora and fauna. The collected plastics will be recycled, further protecting the environment. The vehicle’s ability to transfer plastics from one trophic level to another is crucial for sustainable marine life. Aerospace Engineering participated in the ‘YUKTI Innovation Challenge 2023’ and was among the 135 eligible innovations. The grants will help Dey develop her invention and start her own venture.

The concentration of micro nano plastics has increased drastically in the ocean and these micro nano plastics, when accidentally ingested by marine life, lead to cell damage, reproductive disorders, immune system disorders and much more.

Moreover, micro nano plastics can be transferred from one trophic level to another leading to bioaccumulation in food chains. Ria has designed a fully autonomous underwater vehicle, ‘Aquarius’, which is not only capable of detecting these micro nano plastics with help of Artificial Intelligence, but also detects and removes micro nano plastics, with the help of membrane bio reactor, thus conserving the biodiversity and saving aquatic flora and fauna. The collected micro nano plastic will be further sent for recycling, thereby protecting the environment.

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