Prayaas 2024 in Bengaluru: Empowering Young Minds to Co-create their Futures with Educators, Policymakers, and Industry Leaders

Prayaas 2024 unfolded as a trailblazing event at the Bengaluru International Centre, celebrating the spirit of youth-centric innovations. This initiative, a collaborative effort between Udhyam Learning Foundation and Lend A Hand India, supported by Amazon India, turned the spotlight on young minds working alongside educators, policymakers, and industry veterans to forge sustainable employment solutions.

India’s position as the nation with the largest youth population presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. In this context, Prayaas 2024 leveraged its youth’s vibrant energy and innovative potential, marking a significant evolution from the problem-identification focus of Prayaas 2023 to a celebration of solutions and empowerment in 2024.

The event was distinctively youth-led, with young participants presenting solutions and guiding the entire day’s proceedings. From emceeing to sharing inspiring stories, questioning existing policies, and showcasing tangible solutions, the youth were at the forefront, driving the narrative and demonstrating their capacity to lead change.

Prominent initiatives such as HCL Techbee, FloorWalk, Even Cargo, Jagriti Yatra, Avanti Fellows, Lend A Hand India, Udhyam Learning Foundation, and Right Walk Foundation were among the youth-centric solutions highlighted, each embodying the innovative spirit of the new generation.

Esteemed speakers like Dr Rukmini Banerjee from Pratham Education Foundation and Manish Sabharwal from TeamLease underscored the urgency of implementing youth-centric policies. Their discussions illuminated the transformative impact of technology on education and employment, painting an optimistic picture for the future of India’s youth.

Mekin Maheshwari, CEO and Founder of Udhyam Learning Foundation, shared his aspirational outlook, “Today’s challenges demand that we not only envision a brighter future but actively create it. The synergy between our youth’s enthusiastic innovation and industry leaders’ strategic depth is essential. Prayaas is our collective stride towards transforming these visions into reality, ensuring a future where every young individual can achieve their fullest potential.”

Raj Gilda, Co-founder and VP of Lend A Hand India, reflected, “Witnessing the evolution of Prayaas is a profound experience. This platform transcends being an event; it embodies our shared learning journey and the steps ahead. The youth-centric and youth-led initiatives showcased Today remind us of the vast potential that lies within our collective efforts. With continuous support and guidance, we can steer these endeavors towards fostering a more inclusive and empowering future.”

Anita Kumar, Head – Amazon Community Impact, India, and APAC said, “At Amazon, we’re dedicated to supporting young people to thrive, and helping them become future leaders and innovators. We are aware that talent is widespread but opportunity is often not. Initiatives like Prayaas play a vital role in consolidating and amplifying these discussions, bringing them together in one unified platform. We’re excited to partner with Prayaas on this journey towards maximizing potential for all youth, across India.”

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