Weather Impacts Schooling, Make Hybrid Learning Plan: Atishi to Officials

Noting that schooling gets affected due to weather conditions such as heat wave and fog, Delhi Education Minister Atishi on Saturday directed officials to prepare a hybrid learning plan for schools.

They were directed to make it by bringing together the Delhi Model Virtual Schools (DMVS) programme and the physical school model of the Delhi government, an official statement said.

Through DMVS, the Delhi government aims to make all schools hybrid so that students’ education does not get affected due to weather conditions, the minister said.

“Schooling in Delhi gets frequently disturbed due to adverse weather like heat waves during summer and fog in winter. Through DMVS, we will make all Delhi government schools hybrid so that our children’s education does not suffer from vagaries of weather,” Atishi said.

“For those children who cannot reach school, the Delhi government is taking the finest education to them through DMVS,” she said.

Started in 2022 by the AAP government, DMVS currently offers virtual schooling in classes 9 to 12 and provides test preparation support to Delhi government school students for NEET, JEE and CUET.

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