JCB Literature Foundation joins hands with Access For All to launch learning box for differently-abled children

The learning box aims to create an inclusive educational landscape while addressing the multifaceted needs of differently-abled children.

The JCB Literature Foundation and accessibility consultant Access For ALL have launched ‘Sugamya Qissa Pitara‘, a first-of-its-kind accessible learning box.

The project aims to create an inclusive educational landscape, celebrating diversity, creativity, and accessibility while addressing the multifaceted needs of differently-abled children.

Created with Universal Design principles, each ‘Sugamya Qissa Pitara‘ supports parents and caregivers with new books, activity sheets, and specialised training by Inclusive learning experts.

The box, equipped with a sensory mat for enhanced cognitive growth, features diverse tools such as sensory, quiet and behavioural books. It has been tailored for special needs, while addressing the requirements of visually impaired children through tactile and sensory books with braille and large fonts.

Additionally, it includes specially-crafted caregivers’ manuals in Hindi and English to provide valuable insights and support for fostering effective learning environments at home.

Talking about the initiative, Siddhant Shah, founder of Access for All, said that Sugamya Qissa Pitara “exemplifies the transformative power of inclusive design”.

“At Access For All, our dedicated team crafts learning products and games that prioritize an enriching and inclusive experience for all. Our designs meticulously incorporate the tenets of special needs pedagogy, enhancing hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and visual discrimination,” Shah said in a statement.

With Delhi being the first location, the Sugamya Qissa Pitara programme is set to travel to other parts of the country soon.

Earlier, under a separate project with NGO Saksham, the Foundation has converted the shortlisted books of the JCB Prize for Literature into visual impairment friendly formats (braille and digital) of which the digital versions are made available for free, worldwide, via the Daisy Library (Sugamya Pustakalya).

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