Amity University Hosts Expert Talk

  • Amity University organises an Expert Talk on ‘Nuances of Drug Addiction’ on the occasion of National Youth Day at Noida campus

Amity Business School, Noida hosted an Expert Talk on Drug Addiction by Dr Ritu Gupta, a consultant pediatrician and adolescent health expert on National Youth Day aiming to raise awareness about the harmful effects of substance abuse among the youth.

“In India, 13 per cent of drug and substance abusers are under 20, with 74 per cent starting at 17 or younger and 10.2 per cent at 11 or younger. Substance abuse impacts mental and physical health, relationships, isolation, behavioural issues, memory loss and legal issues, affecting the entire family of the addict”, Dr Ritu Gupta, Consultant Paediatrician and Adolescent Health Expert, said.

“Drug addiction is primarily caused by social glorification, peer pressure, pleasure-seeking, stress reduction, boredom, social isolation, traumatic childhood, dysfunctional families, poverty and bullying. 99 per cent of addictions begin early when the brain is still developing and individuals cannot differentiate between right and wrong”, she further added.

“To overcome drug addiction, one should avoid peer pressure, develop close family ties, maintain healthy habits, limit internet use, create peer support groups and seek expert help. Society should not judge individuals and everyone, including family members, peers and teachers, should support them. Developing healthy pleasure habits like reading, writing, dancing and sports can help release dopamine naturally, reducing the need for substance use. Engaging in activities that bring happiness, such as reading, writing or sports, can also help alleviate the need for substance use”, Dr Gupta, stated.

“We are certain that the talk delivered by Dr Ritu Gupta will be highly beneficial for the students in providing solutions to the problem of substance abuse, which is highly prevalent amongst the youth these days and lead them to a progressive path”, Dr Sanjeev Bansal, Director, Amity Business School, stated.

Students pledged to ‘Say No to Drugs’ and ‘Avoid Drug Addiction’ during an interactive Q&A session.

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