Woxsen University Hosts a Conference on ADoBE ’23

  • Woxsen University’s School of Architecture hosts ADoBE ’23 conference on ‘Urban Heritage’ and its focus on integrating development and culture preservation

The Architecture and Design of Built Environment (ADoBE ’23) conference’s five main goals were knowledge dissemination, professional development, networking and collaboration, academic and institutional growth and global branding among the participants.

The Woxsen University campus hosted an International Colloquium on ‘Defining Regional Strategies for Confluence of Culture and Development’ in their inaugural session.

“In order to create a city’s identity for a global economy, cultural policies are crucial, but they also need to be firmly based in reality, have clear ownership, allow for some flexibility and be implemented by a capable agency in a proactive manner”, Peter Bishop, The Bartlett School of Architecture, London, said.

Kailasa Rao, Director, SPA Bhopal, Member, Indian National Monument Authority, highlighted the ways to record India’s material legacy which are miniature representations of civilisation.

‘The Mondiacult Declaration, Historic Urban Landscape, UNESCO Creative Cities Network and Memory of the World Programme’ are recommendations by Neel Kamal Chapagain, professor, former director, Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad, highlighted.

“The Historic Urban Landscapes of Orchha and Gwalior, two cities with different goals in life. Dharatal’s role in Gwalior City’s submission for the UNESCO Creative City Network and their partnership with UNESCO Bangladesh on a project about history, culture and climate change”, Nishant Upadhyay, Heritage Management Professional, Founder Architect Dharatal, highlighted.

“Adobe has evolved from the days of mudbrick or earthen building to the digital world of today”, Abhijit Shirodkar, Dean, School of Architecture & Planning, Woxsen University, said.

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