The Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Delibrated Approach

  • IIT Mandi establishes strategic partnerships to promote academic and research

The Indian Institute of Technology Mandi has signed a Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) to promote academic excellence and cutting-edge research. The collaborations comprise individual agreements with NIT Uttarakhand, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET), Longowal and Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad.

“With two goals in mind, IIT Mandi is actively seeking partnerships in research, academics and entrepreneurship with appropriate national and international organisations. Our main goal is to improve interactions between teachers and students in order to promote more teamwork across the board. Our second goal is to increase IIT Mandi’s global reach”, Dr Kumar Sambhav Pandey, Registrar, IIT Mandi, said.

Memorandum of Understanding with Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad

This Memorandum of Understanding aims a cooperative arrangement for academic exchanges and research that results in advanced degrees and projects applicable to the defense industry.

Defence Research & Development Laboratory is affiliated to Research Center of IIT Mandi. The Ph.D./M.Tech (Research) registration process for candidates chosen by DRDL who would be working on full-time research at DRDL will be facilitated off-campus by IIT Mandi.

Based on their qualifications and merits, Scientific/Engineering officers from DRDL who are interested in pursuing an M. Tech. (Research) or Ph.D. at IIT Mandi can apply as external candidates or as part-time doctoral students.

Memorandum of Understanding with NIT Uttarakhand

Through this Memorandum of Understanding, both universities will work together on academic and research projects. This partnership includes research projects involving co-principal Investigators from both universities on subjects of shared interest and importance, faculty and student exchange programmes and academic and scholarly information exchange.

The opportunity offered to NIT Uttarakhand, Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) students is a feature of this Memorandum of Understanding.

Through this initiative, deserving B.Tech students from NIT Uttarakhand will be able to complete part of their coursework, including project work at IIT Mandi.

Memorandum of Understanding with Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET), Longowal

This Memorandum of Understanding describes the cooperative structure for studies in fields of shared interest with the aim to convey academic and scholarly information between the two institutes, it also includes facilitating faculty and student exchange programmes, organising joint workshops and seminars and supervising Ph.D. candidates together.

These partnerships have a five-year initial term that can be extended with mutual consent from the two-partnered institutions.

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