Maharashtra State Skills University and Bharat Web3 Association Inked a Memorandum

The Bharat Web3 Association (BWA) and Maharashtra State Skills University (MSSU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster skilled talent development

MSSU and BWA have collaborated to enhance technology skill development, education and research. Aiming to create proficient individuals in the Web3 domain, making them industry-ready and employable through relevant training and education.

The Maharashtra State Skills University and Bharat Web3 Association partnership aims to combine academic expertise with industry insights, creating a bridge between education and practical application in the dynamic landscape of Web3 technology. The MoU aims to drive innovation and foster an environment for technological progress in the country.

“The Bharat Web3 Association has partnered with Maharashtra State Skills University to advance the Web3 ecosystem in India. The partnership aims to bridge the skill gap, provide cutting-edge education and drive technological progress. The Bharat Web3 Association is excited about the possibilities ahead, envisioning a future where skilled talent thrives and contributes to the nation’s digital economy. This collaboration is a significant milestone in the Bharat Web3 Association’s journey”, Dilip Chenoy, Chairperson, Bharat Web3 Association, said.

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