Galgotias and ESDA : Global Green Initiatives

  • Galgotias University and ESDA India successfully hosted the 4th World Environment Summit 2023, conference, awards ceremony and exhibition in Greater Noida

The conference, awards ceremony and exhibition were held at Galgotias University from 4 to 6 November, with the first two days being hybrid and the third being online, including the awarding of more than 70 renowned persons who have devoted their lives to environmental preservation and have a major influence on society via study and action.

The Padma Shri recipients for water conservation Shri Raja Lakshman Singh and water warrior and convener Shri Uma Shankar Pandey were also honored during the summit.

Many esteemed institutions and organisations collaborated to organise the 4th World Environment Summit 2023, more than a thousand people attended the event, making it one of the biggest environmental sustainability-focused conferences in India. Participants included academics, scientists, medical professionals, policymakers, research scholars, environmentalists, educators, journalists, social activists, members of civil society, representatives from industry and students from 22 Indian states and 4 continents. The summit’s worldwide relevance was enhanced by its 20 distinct subthemes, with important topics including environmental pollution, sustainable development, climate change and environmental economics.

“Galgotias University has a strong commitment to tackling the issues raised by the UN sustainable development goals. We think that science and education have the ability to influence society for the better. The Fourth World Environment Summit is evidence of our continued efforts to build a future that is ecologically sensitive and sustainable”, Aradhana Galgotia, Director of Operations, Galgotias University, said.

“The 4th World Environment Summit serves as an example of what happens when groups of people, institutions and organisations band together for a similar goal. We are honored to have served as the venue for this historic occasion and are eager to carry on promoting environmental concerns in the future”, Dr K Mallikharjuna Babu, Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University, said.

“We are thrilled to see that the 4th World Environment Summit was a great success, providing a forum for influential people and world leaders to talk about and tackle urgent environmental concerns. It has strengthened our dedication to environmental sustainability and has been an eye-opening experience”, Dr Jitendra Nagar, Organising Secretary of the Event, Chairman and General Secretary, the Environment and Social Development Association, said.

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