Woxsen University Hosts Kaleido Film Festival

  • The Guest of Honour and Associate Director Vishnu Vardhan, during the panel discussion on ‘Villains and how the landscape of Indian Cinema is transforming

School of Design, Woxsen University hosted its inaugural Kaleido Film Festival with tagline – Where everyone’s a kalakaar, on 28 September at Woxsen University campus in Kamkole. The festival delved into the nuances of Indian filmmaking and its impact on the society, offering a coveted platform for visual communication students to connect with seasoned filmmakers, actors, showcase their filmmaking prowess and receive invaluable feedback.

Sharing insights on content creation in the digital era, the Chief Guest and Cinematographer, Surender Reddy said, “With the introduction of OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and with the rise of digital content creators, bloggers and influencers, there is so much of content floating around. To succeed in filmmaking, one must continually adapt to the changing times, thereby competing effectively and leaving an indelible mark. I feel you are in the right place to start your career to get into movies with all the wonderful infrastructure and exposure woxsen is providing you.”

Film is not just entertainment, it’s a powerful medium that can evoke emotions, drive conversations and impact society. The Kaleido Film Festival was born out of the desire to delve into the myriad facets of filmmaking and its potential to inspire, entertain and influence.

The Guest of Honour and Associate Director Vishnu Vardhan, during the panel discussion on ‘Villains and how the landscape of Indian Cinema is transforming?’ said, “If you observe in recent times, the audience are receptive of seeing actors play the roles of villains and supporting actors. In fact, some recent films have depicted the supremacy of villains over their heroic counterpart. This shift has happened as people got accustomed to consuming content from OTT, which is not driven by hero, heroine or villain per se but is driven by content.”

Among the distinguished guests at the festival were Telugu Movie Actor Sudheer Babu, Actress Mrinalini Ravi and Director Harsha Vardhan. They exclaimed that Woxsen University is a beautiful campus with amazing infrastructure.

The visual communication students from School of Design were presented with a theme – ‘Boundless’ for their short films. These budding filmmakers adeptly interpreted the theme across various narratives. For instance, one film explored the metaphorical confines of the education system, illustrating how individuals get trapped in societal expectations, only to find liberation through the art of poetry. Another narrative followed a protagonist bound by an unfulfilling job, who ultimately discovers boundless freedom upon pursuing his passion for art.

The film fest offering attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of cinematic wonders through panel discussions, short film competition, workshop on screen writing and color grading. There was also a showcase of student’s creative artworks, doodling sessions and merchandise stalls. Adding to the allure of the evening, a special musical treat by the talented Band Athish and DJ Soham kept the audience grooving to the beats, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

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