Students Elated with ‘Express’ Visa for Jan intake in Canada Institutes

  • Despite the strained relationship between India and Canada, students bound for the January intake have experienced an expedited visa process, with the majority receiving their visas within 60 days. Experts warn that future batches may face issues if the standoff continues and if Canada discontinues outsourcing the immigration process in India. However, the ongoing conflict has not resulted in a decrease in the number of students heading to Canada for the current intake. The expedited visa process has increased students’ confidence levels…

While the soured relationship between India and Canada has cast a long shadow on the future of students from the state, the students bound for January intake have experienced an expedited process. Majority of the applicants have got their visas within 60 days.

Experts associated with immigration and study counselling said that the next batch may face issues if the standoff continues, and if Canada dis continues outsourcing of the immigration process in India. They added that the ongoing conflict has not resulted in decrease in number of students heading to Canada at least for the current intake.

Aditya Patel, who is heading to Sheridan College to pursue environment science after completing his BSc (Chemistry) from Bhavan’s College, said that he had applied for the visa on August 31. “I received the visa on September 30. After I received the offer letter on August 16, my family was apprehensive about the pro cess whether it would get delayed. But I will be joining the college in time,” he said.

Bhumika Baria, who has completed her Class XII earlier this year, said that she is heading to University of Regina for diploma in health studies.

“After my application in early September, I received the visa on October 4. I was in constant contact with my friends who are already in Canada. They assured me that there is nothing to worry,” she said.

Similarly, Nilay Gor, who is going to Canada to pursue his diploma in finance, said that he got the visa in 20 days. For him, the lure lies in chances of residence after studies and good job prospects elsewhere. Het Patel, who will be joining a course in computer programming and analysis at the University of Durham after his Class XII, said that he also got the visa process completed in amonth.

Bhavin Thakar, a city-based student visa consultant, said that the departure of diplomats will surely affect the processing time for the next batch. “Currently, visitor visas are difficult to get. The process goes very slow. Comparatively, the student visa process is expedited with good 80-90% success rate,” he said.

Counsellors said that about 10,000 students from the state head to Canada annually. “The students were unruffled by the ongoing diplomatic row. It has not affected the number of applicants. The confidence level has increased in students after the expedited visa process,” said Ami Patel, a Canada education counsellor.

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