Morning Assemblies at ITIs for Better Learning

  • Students in 19 industrial training institutes (ITIs) in India are participating in morning assemblies, which include news readings, motivational speeches, and the singing of the national anthem. The government aims to promote uniformity and inclusivity and provide students with a positive start to their day. The assemblies also educate students about current events and encourage them to memorize and act on daily thoughts. The initiative aims to foster a sense of patriotism and national integration, as well as develop holistic skills among students. Principals will oversee the assemblies…

Like in schools, students of 19 industrial training institutes (ITIs) are attending morning assemblies from October 23. Besides conducting the assemblies, students also take part in a news reading session and listen to motivational speeches by the principals on diverse topics. The assembly ends with the national anthem.

According to the government, the assembly is an initiative to promote “uniformity and inclusivity”.

“The objective is to provide students with a positive and inspiring start each day and keep them motivated toward their goals,” said a senior official.

The assembly begins at 8.30am and ends at 8.50am. The talks by the principal or the head of the institution include motivational speeches, success stories of current or alumni students, outstanding social work or innovations by students, and life stories of renowned personalities.

“Students will read at least 10 news headlines in both Hindi and English following a schedule devised by the school administration. This segment is intended to keep students informed about current events,” added the official.

Every day, two students also recite a thought of the day, one in Hindi and another in English. The students are encouraged to memorise and act on them.

“The assembly concludes with the singing of the national anthem by all staff and students, fostering a sense of patriotism and national integration. This initiative reflects the commitment of Delhi government to provide a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for its students, fostering holistic skills development,” said the official, adding that the structured morning assembly will help inculcate a sense of purpose and unity among students. The principals will monitor the sessions.

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