University of East Anglia Introduces New UG Programme in Science

  • The programme is a unique blend of Economics, Human Behaviour and Data Science

The University of East Anglia has introduced a new programme Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Economics, Behaviour and Data Science with a focus on Human Behaviour, this undergraduate degree provides a unique combination of Economics and Data Science.

Students interested in human behavior, numerical interpretation, and using data-driven insights to better society and company performance may choose this three-year degree program. This curriculum, which places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education, equips students with knowledge of how psychological and emotional variables affect daily actions as well as how businesses make strategic decisions using data science and the flood of information that results from our judgments.

Bahar Ghezelayagh, Associate Professor in Financial Economics at UEA’s School of Economics said, “This programme encompasses the ever-changing economic landscape and its intersection with the extensive field of data science. Students will acquire a deeper understanding of the behavioural patterns that underpin economic decision-making by studying behavioural economics. This knowledge, coupled with solid data science skills, will enable them to generate actionable insights and effect significant change.”

A well-balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is incorporated into the curriculum to empower inquisitive minds. This allows students to not only understand how individual decisions affect businesses, cities, and even governments, but also to unravel the mysteries of individual decision-making. The course makes sure that graduates have a skill set that is in line with the constantly changing requirements of businesses while also emphasizing real-world applications.

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