Jamia Hamdard Starts New Lecture Series on Art of Digital Storytelling

  • It aims to captivate young minds and bring fresh perspectives on modern storytelling techniques

Jamia Hamdard University’s Media and Mass Communication Studies Centre starts a new lecture series ‘Medi Matters’ on modern storytelling in an online world. Designed by Professor Farhat Basir Khan, the event aims to captivate young minds and bring fresh perspectives to the table.

The Director of the Centre, Prof. Reshma Nasreen was also present at the event and appreciated the media students. She highlighted that Jamia Hamdard’s recent A+ grade from the NAAC visit resonated, highlighting the institution’s commitment to excellence.

Professor Farhat Basir Khan welcomed the audience and highlighted how the online realm had revolutionised storytelling, turning films, documentaries and advertisements into vehicles of engagement and artistic exploration. “Over the past two decades, the online media landscape has undergone a rapid metamorphosis,” Khan stated.

He emphasized how the creative marriage of technology and art now allows creators to engage directly with audiences, fostering real-time interactions and feedback loops and laying the foundation for the exploration of the interplay between traditional storytelling and the digital age.

The other keynote speaker at the event was, Vikrant Kishore, Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and Honorary Fellow at Deakin University, Australia. During his presentation, Kishore offered a comprehensive insight into the dynamics of online storytelling through visual aids. He navigated the audience through the transformation of online media platforms, touching on the rise of social media and its synergies with traditional storytelling methods. Attendees were prompted to reflect on their use of various social networking sites, emphasising the immense role these platforms play in contemporary communication.

M. A. Sikandar, Registrar of Jamia Hamdard, graced the event with his presence. His remarks resonated, underlining the significance of the event and the university’s commitment to nurturing a space for insightful dialogue.

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