University of Cambridge Online Teams Up with Edureka to Deliver Online Courses

  • Edureka, part of Veranda Learning Solutions, will be offering three innovative courses crafted by Cambridge experts

University of Cambridge Online is working with leading ed-tech company Edureka to bring higher education online courses, led by University of Cambridge academics, to India for the first time.

Edureka, part of Veranda Learning Solutions, will be offering three innovative courses crafted by Cambridge experts.

Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) for AI Systems Design: Led by Professor Per Ola Kristensson, an expert in Interactive Systems Engineering at the University of Cambridge and computing entrepreneur in his own right. This course equips learners with the skills to design AI systems with a human-centered approach. Participants will explore the dynamic field of Human-Computer Interaction and learn to create AI solutions that align with users’ needs and preferences.

Leveraging Big Data for Business Intelligence: Delve into the world of big data analytics with the guidance of Doctor Russell Hunter, PhD in Computational Neuroscience, and a Senior Software Engineer at the University of Cambridge. This course empowers learners to harness the power of data for making informed business decisions, thereby gaining a strategic advantage in today’s data-driven landscape.

Creativity, Problem Solving and Design Thinking: Led by Professor Nathan Crilly, an expert in design thinking principles and Professor of Design, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Professor Crilly has been awarded the 2023 Pilkington Prize for the excellence of his teaching. This transformative course fosters innovation and problem-solving skills by exploring creative approaches. Learners will develop a deep understanding of design thinking, enabling them to tackle challenges ingeniously.

By enrolling in these courses, learners gain exclusive access to Cambridge Academic-curated curriculum and live sessions with faculty from the University of Cambridge Online. Furthermore, successful course completion rewards learners with a certificate bearing the distinguished credentials of the University of Cambridge Online.

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