Pune Teacher Earns Praise for Educating Kids on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’

  • A video is going viral on the web in which a teacher is seen teaching young students to differentiate between good and bad touches using relatable examples

Child sexual abuse is the dark truth of our times. It is imperative that children are made aware of this subject, and taught to distinguish between good and bad touch from a very early age. A video is going viral on the web in which a teacher is seen teaching small kids on how to differentiate between different kinds of touches.

The teacher in the video can be seen using simple language and engaging examples to make sense of the difference between a caring touch, which could be a genuine gesture or a hug, and a dangerous touch that can hurt physically or emotionally. Her approach isn’t just enlightening but also encouraging, empowering kids to voice their discomfort in case they ever experience an inappropriate touch.

Good and bad touch: Insights The video has been shared on social media platform X (previously known as Twitter), from the account name Roshan Rai with the caption, “This teacher deserves to get famous. This should be replicated in all schools across India. Share it as much as you can.” It accumulated 1.5 Million views and tons of comments.

Users in the comment praised the teacher for the great explanation. One of the users said, “Such an incredible drive!.” While another client said, “Such a great initiative!” While another wrote, “Great work. I wish this is taught across all schools of our country.”

A few users hailed the video as it showed the significance of spreading awareness about such a crucial issue like child sexual abuse in rural regions. In January 2023, the state education office presented a chapter on ‘good touch and bad touch’ in school course textbooks.

Child sexual abuse: Overview Teaching students the idea of ‘good touch and bad touch’ is one of the key subjects discussed at a state-level round table conference on child wellbeing, rights, development including UNICEF in relationship with the Gravittus Foundation in Maharashtra.

Rajeshwari Chandrashekhar, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF-Mumbai, talked about child rights, the impact of climate change on wellbeing, and the significance of early stimulation.

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