Oakridge Bengaluru’s MYP Grade 10 Students Excel, Surpassing Global Average for 6th Consecutive Year

  • Kashvi (56), Raviish (55), Sunidhi (55) Perfect scorers of Bengaluru MYP

Students from Oakridge International School Bengaluru excel in the recently announced IB MYP Results. Oakridgers Kashvi, achieved a perfect 56 out of 56, while Sunidhi and Raviish scored 55 out of 56. In total, 14 students scored over 50 out of the cohort of 61 students in grade 10. For the sixth consecutive year since 2018, Oakridge has consistently outperformed IB MYP world averages.

Expressing her happiness, Pallavi Mishra, the Principal of Oakridge International School in Bengaluru, said, “I am extremely proud of our MYP students for excelling in the assessment. We celebrate and recognise not just their numerical achievements but also their years of hard work, persistence, and dedication to their goals.” She added, “For students who may not have achieved exactly what they aimed for, please don’t let one exam result crush your confidence. Reflect on the outcome and plan for the next exams. Success always comes to those who bounce back with a clear plan.”

Kashvi, who achieved a perfect score, said, “The challenging IB framework encouraged me to make practical connections between studies and the real world.” Raviish added, “Oakridge provided me with all the resources and facilities to excel throughout my learning journey at Oakridge.”

Oakridge offers the IB MYP program (ages 11-16), fostering critical thinking, holistic development, and international-mindedness. The school takes pride in students achieving top results in IB MYP exams. They nurture critical thinking, global awareness, and empathy, celebrating remarkable student achievements. Tenth-grade students recently achieved perfect scores in challenging exams.

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