Heritage International Xperiential School Hosts Liberal Arts & Sciences Conference 2023

  • The theme of the conference was ‘Bridging Education and Career: The Future of Liberal Arts and Sciences’

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Conference 2023 hosted by Heritage International Xperiential School at its Heritage Avenue campus brought together eminent education leaders, representatives of the top Indian and International Liberal Arts and Sciences colleges and parents, students and school counselors from schools across NCR.

The attendees uncovered opportunities that the Liberal Arts and Sciences educational pathway provides and the unique advantages offered by the best colleges in this space. They also gathered insights on how the relevance of Liberal Arts and Sciences is increasing in the context of the rapidly evolving world of work and the skills and cognitive attributes that would be most valued in the near future.

The discussions highlighted how a multidisciplinary education could contribute to successful careers across various industries and also busted myths about a liberal arts education. Some of these myths were that liberal arts colleges only focus on humanities subjects whereas many of the colleges even offer engineering degrees. Also, as many of American colleges are only at the undergraduate level, they can provide better resources such as direct access to top professors, research opportunities, small classroom size and better teacher-student ratio.

Designed on the theme “Bridging Education and Career: The Future of Liberal Arts and Sciences,” the conference provided an intensive and interactive platform for each stakeholder to explore the transformative potential of liberal arts and sciences education.

The event was attended by top colleges and universities in the United States, India and other countries. Colleges from the United States included eminent names such as Pomona College, Swarthmore College, Williams College, Bryn Mawr College and many more. While those from India included Ashoka University, Krea University and Flame among others.

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