DU Admissions 2023: Third Round Seat Allotment Results Declared

  • From August 22, 5 pm, to August 24, 4:59 pm, successful candidates can confirm their acceptance of allocated seats

Delhi University (DU) released the third-round seat allocation list on August 22, 2023. Prospective students who have submitted applications to the university can access the list on the official of the university.

This round of allocations has introduced a total of 11,656 new placements, with 6,104 students securing their upgraded preferences. Furthermore, 34,642 candidates have finalised their seat choices, out of which 28,889 applicants opted for upgrades following the initial round, while 16,860 individuals have chosen to retain their initial allocations.

In addition to the general allocations, there have been specific allocations in different categories. Notably, 1,544 placements were made in the sports category, 886 placements under the ECA quota and 3,117 placements in the CW category.

The window for accepting allocated seats from the third seat allocation list starts from August 22 at 5 pm and concludes on August 24 at 4:59 pm. During this time, colleges will review and approve applications from 5 pm on August 22 to 4:59 pm on August 25. The deadline for fee payment is set on August 26, ending at 4:59 pm.

Prior to this, the second seat allocation list was released on August 10. In this round, 10,104 candidates successfully secured their upgraded preferences. Of the total, 34,174 candidates chose to upgrade their selections after the initial round, while 32,600 candidates maintained their original allocations.

Overall, the second round of allocations encompassed a total of 19,038 placements. Among these, 10,104 candidates had their upgraded preferences fulfilled, while 34,174 candidates sought upgrades following the first round and 32,600 candidates stuck with their initial allocations.

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