BITS Pilani Launches PhD Programme to Create Deep Tech Ventures

  • The program will focus on the creation of deep tech and deep science startup ventures

BITS Pilani has launched a PhD Program that would result in the creation of a startup based on research done during the Ph.D. The program will focus on the creation of deep tech and deep science startup ventures, that will solve some of the most critical societal and business challenges.

This is keeping in line with Bits Pilani’s history of introducing innovations in the higher education space over the past 60 years, be it the Practice School concept, the first-ever dual-degree programmes, or newer pedagogical practices.

The new programme, to be called PhD-DRIVE, short for Deep-tech Research, Innovation, Value Generation & Entrepreneurship, will admit students with expertise in technology and science and a clear intent to set up a startup.

The program will include courses in entrepreneurship, incubation program, funding for building a solution or product and most of all, access to the Bits alumni network for further investments.

Bits Pilani and its technology business incubators such as DST supported PIEDS, BIRAC supported BGIIES and the DST NM-ICPS supported BioCyTIH will work with various partners including investment partners, government labs, industry experts, corporates and Bits alumni to keep the PhD scholars on a path of forming a startup and create opportunities for them to seek further investments.

The scholars will be working in various Centre of Excellences that Bits has already set up in the areas of Semiconductors, Bio-Cyber Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Medical Diagnostics and Infectious Diseases, amongst others. The scholars would be supported through a much higher stipend and would be provided a prototyping grant during the program.

The admission for this program will be round the year and notifications for the program shall be posted on Bits website and its social media channels. Bits Pilani is leveraging its strong alumni network and corporate partners for funding and mentorship support.

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