17 Year Old Student Develops Low Cost Surveillance Bots

  • Border Security Force’s (BSF) Punjab Frontier has acknowledged his efforts by accepting to use the surveillance bot for the service of the nation

In a creative achievement, s grade 12 and 17-year-old student from the Centre Point School, Nagpur, Siddhart Kumar has developed a remotely Controlled Surveillance Bot that works as a mobile surveillance system to monitor and locate trespassers near border areas for increased security.

For his prowess in the subject matter, the Border Security Force’s (BSF) Punjab Frontier has acknowledged Siddhant’s efforts by accepting to use the surveillance bot for the service of the nation. Siddhant has donated two such bots to BSF’s Punjab Frontier at their Jalandhar headquarters. The tech enthusiast, who aspires to study at MIT to pursue Computer Science and Robotics, has also received a letter of appreciation for his initiative from the BSF team.

“The bot is a low-cost, lightweight mobile surveillance solution that can be programmed on-site and can be upgraded and repaired without hassle. Equipped with GPS and ultrasonic sensors, it can perform any search or reconnaissance task and record real-time videos. The bot is IoT enabled that can be controlled from anywhere in the world,” said Kumar.

He further added, “I would like to thank my teachers at CPS who have been my guiding light throughout the process. The school’s curriculum exposed me to coding at an early age, a subject that I enjoyed paying attention to instantly. I would also like to thank my parents who have always encouraged me to follow my passion.”

Commenting on Siddhant’s achievements, Kanchan Ukey, Principal, CPS, Wardhaman Nagar, said, “Siddhant’s achievement have made us proud. The rigour and commitment with which he has worked towards his goals is commendable. I thank his parents and our teachers at CPS for nurturing his love for the subject matter and for always encouraging him. At CPS, we are committed towards new-age learning through advanced teaching methodologies and curriculum for the growth of our students.”

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