Woxsen Varsity Students Patent their Inventions with Indian Patent Office

  • These Intellectual Properties are a recognition for inventions that are novel, non-obvious and industrially applicable

In a remarkable achievement, Woxsen University students and faculty have obtained patents for their ground-breaking ideas. The School of Technology has 18 published patents and 2 granted patents, School of Arts & Design has 25 published patents. the School of Business has 7 published patents and 1 granted patent and the School of Architecture & Planning has 2 published patents and 1 granted patent.

These Intellectual Properties are a recognition for inventions that are novel, non-obvious and industrially applicable. While granted patents are protected by the law, patent applications are published to make the public sphere aware of what is seeking patent protection and the public can learn from the work.

Some of the Granted Patents of students who worked along-side the faculty include; Intelligent Domestic Waste Digester To Produce Nutrient Rich Solid & Liquid Manure And A Method Thereof developed by Ravi Gunupuru, Janmejay Sahoo, Kiran K Ravulakollu, Rohit Polishetty of School of Technology.

This invention provides for an intelligent waste digester system and a method thereof. The system consists of a custom defined bio-accumulator which collects the domestic bio-waste from single or multiple users and feed into multi layered and diversified compartments wherein digestion process is initiated. The intelligent waste digester system contains integrated sensory modules, connected to parameter validation module and AI module wherein this sensory module communicates to controller with centralised network for activating the actuators through AIM (Artificial Intelligence Module).

And the Method and Device for Smart Projector Screen developed by the P Swami Sairam, Meera C S, Sunil Sunny, Jubit Emmanuel, Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Sushabhan Choudhury, Arpit Jain of School of Business

The system makes use of 2.4GHz RF modules for the wireless data transmission and receiving from the projector and the screen. A mote is placed near the projector end which monitors the distance, status of the projector and sends the data to the mote present near the projector screen. The complete system is composed in two different sections called mote1 and mote2 .The mote 1 present near the projector end, contains a microcontroller, RF module, ultrasonic sensor, power unit. The mote 2, present near the screen, contains a microcontroller, RF module, power unit, motor driver, motor, limit switch.

And Seating Arrangement Integrated with Sunshade Structure developed by Vanshita Mittal, Dhruma Bhavsar of School of Architecture & Planning.

The economically feasible chair/bench design with built-in solar panels is ideal for parks, institutions, and pedestrian areas. It provides green power, allowing users to charge devices and incorporates smart solutions for improved infrastructure. The design features a sloped roof for rainwater drainage, offers shade, proper ventilation, and modularity for larger seating systems. Aligned with the Smart cities initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, it reduces urban effects and promotes eco-balance.

These patents not only reflect the university’s mission but also demonstrate the successful integration of knowledge, research, innovation, industry feedback and practical learning that forms the cornerstone of Woxsen’s curriculum.

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