Tata ClassEdge Launches ClassEdge Platinum, the Most Powerful Digital Classroom Experience

  • ClassEdge Platinum is an industry-first, collaborative and immersive Digital Classroom platform that enables teachers to create exceptional learning experiences for their students with the best of content, technology, and pedagogy

Tata ClassEdge Limited (TCE), a subsidiary of Tata Industries Ltd., has launched its next-generation Digital Classroom solution, ClassEdge Platinum (CE Platinum). As a principal or teacher, you constantly want to provide the best learning experience for your students and ensure that learning reaches every student. CE Platinum is committed to deliver reach of knowledge while increasing the joy of learning.

Tata ClassEdge has installed digital classroom solutions in nearly 28,000 classrooms in over 2,000 schools across the country. Over 60% of the customers have been engaged with TCE for over 3 years. CE Platinum is a result of customer feedback and our continued desire to improve the effectiveness of digital classrooms to complement our teachers.

CE Platinum features many “firsts” in its segment to offer a clutter-free interface that streamlines the teaching process and facilitates an effortless lesson-planning experience. The digital whiteboard is a standout feature that offers infinite possibilities and caters to the needs of different subject teachers. The infinite whiteboard also provides the luxury for the teachers to write endlessly without having the need to erase the content.

CE Platinum includes new-age tools, such as 3D teaching widgets, that makes learning more interactive and engaging. In addition, the solution also offers options for integrating e-books, encourages the creation and contribution of teaching resources, provides insights into teaching behaviour and much more that makes the teaching-learning experience superior for teachers and students. The seamless cloud integration means that teachers can start where they left off, in any classroom in the school. Our AI-based question generator makes assessments spontaneous and fun, while our one-touch share feature enables content collaboration like never before.

Commenting on the CE Platinum launch, Anish Raghunandan, CEO, Tata ClassEdge, says, “ClassEdge Platinum is designed with teachers in the centre and with the aim to deliver an impactful and joyful in-classroom teaching experience. Integrated with our NEP-compliant content structure and MLEx, our class-leading digital pedagogy methodology, CE Platinum is a major step towards solving the core problems in the teaching-learning space. Being a cloud platform, our customers will enjoy the continued innovations and features that will be deployed in CE Platinum on a continued basis.”

Adding on the success of the soft launch, Raghunandan says, “Our soft launch has seen principals and teachers all over the country receiving the platform very well and in the next 30 days CE Platinum will be installed in over 1000 classrooms across the country.”

About Tata ClassEdge (TCE), a subsidiary of Tata Industries Ltd., was the first EdTech organisation in India to provide textbook-mapped content to Indian schools that were affiliated to the national and state boards. TCE is currently in its 11th year of operations and its classroom solution is present in 2,000+ schools and used by 1,50,000 teachers and 1.7 million students across India.

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