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  • Unimoni Student STARS 2023 – Study Abroad Rewards & Scholarship 2023

Many people migrate in search of better education, and this is also true for Indian students. The total of Indian students studying abroad has been increasing by 40% annually, a significant trend. Indian students prefer studying abroad to settle down in foreign countries. They invest in education to acquire global skills and seize personal and professional opportunities. Additionally, employers acknowledge the importance of overseas experience in developing workforce skills. 

As a Global financial service provider, Unimoni specializes in foreign currency exchange, outward remittances and multi-currency cards on a global scale. Out of the total foreign currency transaction Unimoni has done in the past financial year, one-third was done for educational purposes. 2022 was a fruitful year for overseas education aspirants. Unimoni lent its hands to the students with free Air Tickets, Laptops, and Smart Watches. In 2023 also, they will offer 6 lakh worth of scholarships and monthly rewards, Free assistance for opening GIC/ Blocked Fund A/c, Free educational loan assistance, and free multi-currency travel cards and air tickets @ students’ fares with additional baggage facilities. 

Why do Indian students Prefer Foreign Countries for Education?

Migrating to economically stable countries will secure the future financially and career-wise. Countries with thriving economies consistently do well on safety, progress, and quality of life. The primary reasons for migration are the lack of suitable jobs & poor pay in India, the high standards of education abroad, adverse social and economic situations, better social status for people studying abroad, and stay-back options in foreign countries. Hence, most students in India aspire to leave the country after completing their primary education.

Challenges Call Us to Rise!

Although it can be an enriching experience, migrating to another country for education comes with challenges. The process can be arduous, involving significant expenses such as education fees, travel, accommodation, and dealing with currency exchange rates; international students must understand them better to prepare for their journey abroad.

Financial Burden

Studying abroad can be costly, particularly for international students from less affluent backgrounds. The tuition for overseas courses is typically higher than local courses, even at free universities. This, in addition to expenses such as lodging, food, and transportation, can financially strain students. Furthermore, international students with restrictive study visas may struggle to supplement their income by working outside the campus. Studying with a scholarship can be helpful. Go for Unimoni’s 6 lakh worth of scholarship.


For international students, housing costs are usually the second-highest expense after tuition. Factors like a long commute to college, living in an undesirable area, unclear rent rules, or subpar amenities can make life more challenging. However, a new option exists for students: international property managers who work with local managers to gather the latest information on rent, leases, and points of contact. Unimoni can ensure a hassle-free stay for the students.

Remember, a small leak will sink a great ship!

So beware of the financial challenges you may face there. 

If you can Dream it, you can Do it! : Tips to Deal with Study Abroad Challenges

Unimoni’s Scholarship, Multi-currency travel card, Proper Budgeting, Select Purpose-built student accommodation, taking necessary precautions for your health concerns, and learning to network with locals help international students will help you to deal with the study-abroad challenges. 

  • Unimoni’s 2023 scholarship program, “Unimoni Stars 2023,” will award 6 lakh Rupees to the selected study-abroad aspirants and those already pursuing higher education there. You can also grab monthly rewards like HP Chromebook, Trolley Bag and Multi-currency card. The registration portal is open till December 31 2023. The Mega winners will be announced in Jan 2024. Multi-currency card is an assured gift for every registered candidate. 
  • You will better estimate costs as you get used to your new surroundings. It will help you balance maintaining a good living standard and accomplishing your long-term goals. Many international student finance platforms like Unimoni offers financial support, banking, and foreign exchange.
  • Adequate planning with Unimoni will help you to avoid most accommodation-related problems. Purpose-built student accommodations, also called PBSAs, are specifically designed for students and offer customized layouts, amenities, and rent to meet their needs. Every student should be aware of this type of housing option.
  • As a visiting student, you can enhance your experience by exploring the various student organizations available and choosing which ones to join. Most institutions now have on-staff counsellors to listen to and offer clinical or psychological help to needy students. Feel free to reach out for assistance when necessary.

Studying abroad can provide students with a valuable global perspective that can be beneficial in today’s worldwide job market. Even a short-term course or semester abroad can have long-lasting advantages. However, those considering this opportunity should also be prepared to face challenges.

If you need assistance managing your finances or finding accommodations, Unimoni can help you minimize your difficulties.

You can explore Unimoni’s doorstep service, fast visa processing service, travel insurance, and PAN card and passport application assistance. 

Benefits: Difficult Roads often Lead to Beautiful Destinations!

Better career prospects and financial stability are being offered to the students. After graduating from a foreign university, you can apply for a work permit and ultimately transit to a permanent resident. Graduates who have studied abroad often impress employers with their global perspective and extensive knowledge of diverse cultures, making them highly sought after for positions involving executive leadership and international business partnerships. 

Additionally, studying abroad can equip students with valuable life skills. Furthermore, students who study abroad tend to perform better academically, including improved self-confidence and self-reliance and an increased ability to make life successful in every way!

Unimoni: Happy to Help you Always!

With a solid reputation for reliability and expertise, Unimoni simplifies and makes the complicated and expensive process of studying abroad for young students simple and affordable. The highly skilled professionals at Unimoni can provide guidelines and assistance in fee payments, visa applications, accommodation, affordable and convenient travel options, travel insurance, and financial aid. You will get proper guidance from Unimoni’s tax professional to ensure compliance and optimize your tax situation. So that you can determine whether you fall in the tax-exempt category/reduced tax rates or exemptions and keep track of any eligible education-related expenses that may be deductibles. 

With Unimoni, students conveniently pay for their university application, hostel, and tuition fees. Only the service providers with Authorized Dealer II licences are permitted by the Reserve Bank of India to remit money abroad for education. Unimoni obtained this title more than 2 decades ago, authorized to perform all the activities allowed to Full Fledged Money Changers (FFMC) and any other activities as the Reserve Bank decides. 

Unimoni offers free assistance to open GIC Accounts in Canada and Blocked accounts in Germany, payment of foreign university fees for students. Students can maximize the study abroad experience and reach their academic and personal goals using the best of Unimoni’s services.

Unimoni also holds licenses for Inward Money Transfer Services through Western Union, Money Gram, NBFC, and Domestic Money Transfer services. In India, Unimoni is the No.1 company in terms of branch network. IATA accredits it as an approved Passenger Sales Agent, with more than 300 branches and 15000+ Agents in India, including 9 IATA locations, to assist individuals and businesses. As a global provider of financial services operating in over 32 countries, Unimoni is renowned for competitive exchange rates and fast, secure, and reliable money transfer services.

Navigate the world of international opportunities with ease and assurance!

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