Manav Rachna Educational Institutions Welcome Ms. Rashima Vaid Varma as Director of the IB Schools

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Manav Rachna International School is proud to announce that Ms. Rashima Vaid Varma has joined as the Director of the IB Schools, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise to further enhance the educational offerings at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions.

Ms. Rashima brings with her over two decades of experience in the field of international education, playing pivotal roles at some of the most prestigious schools of Delhi NCR. Ms. Varma is actively engaged in the promotion of the IB program in Delhi NCR especially of the MYP program, holding distinguished roles in the implementation of both the MYP and DP Programs. Her longstanding involvement with the IB programs in various roles underlines her deep and thorough insight into the curriculum, assessment methods, and pedagogical practices. Regularly keeping abreast with the latest pedagogical and strategic advancements in major international curricula, we look forward to her positive impact on the diverse needs of students.

Her area of expertise extends beyond the realms of IB education. She has edited a Cambridge book on Global Perspectives, showcasing her proficiency in curriculum development and her commitment to shaping a well-rounded education. Through the years she has been an active speaker at various national and international conferences and went on to present papers at the IB Global Conference at Singapore in 2022. Her extensive and widespread contributions to the field of international education in India have been widely recognized and respected by her peers, parents and students alike.

Dr. Prashant Bhalla, President, MREI shared that, “As the Director of IB Schools at Manav Rachna, Ms. Rashima V Varma is dedicated to nurturing a culture of academic excellence, innovation, and inclusive learning. Her rich experience will help MR IB Schools to foster the right kind of leadership and steer in the journey to becoming a 21st-century-ready educational institution.”

Manav Rachna International Schools, spread across 5 Cities are top-ranked CBSE Schools offering state-of-the-art educational experience to learners in different age groups. Now, moving ahead in the direction of world-level education, the institutions recently opened the doors of their first IB Candidate* School for Learners of PYP and MYP at Sector 14, Faridabad.

As the Director of IB Schools at Manav Rachna, Ms. Rashima shared, “My aim is to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that nurtures the holistic development of every learner in the community. I strongly believe that every child is capable of excellence and with the right learning environment, it is possible to mould the future generation into agents of change.”

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