JBCN International School Secures Outstanding Placements Across Universities such as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and Carnegie Mellon University, Amongst others

  • The learners received over 2.5 MN USD scholarship for the second year in a row

JBCN International School is delighted to announce the exceptional university placements and scholarships secured by its 12th-grade learners in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and Advanced Levels program (A Levels). The learners have secured over 2.5 MN USD scholarships for the second year in a row. The graduating class of 2023 has achieved remarkable success in their university admissions, receiving offers from prestigious institutions worldwide, such as Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto, UCLA, and S.P. Jain School of Global Management, amongst others. These placements span across countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. Learners have opted for diverse streams such as entrepreneurship, English Literature, Physics, Business Management, Psychology, etc. The total scholarship amount will increase as more learners secure university admissions.

This remarkable accomplishment highlights the exceptional educational experience and the unwavering dedication of the learners, faculty, counselling team and non-teaching staff at JBCN International School. The rigorous programs at JBCN International School have prepared these learners to meet the challenges of higher education, enabling them to adapt to situations and shaping them to become changemakers of tomorrow.

Starting from Grade VIII, the career counsellors work closely with the learners encouraging them to think about and plan their future. The counselling team provides comprehensive assistance throughout the university application process, offering career guidance and application support. In addition, they assess learners’ strengths, areas for development, and interests through detailed psychometric tests, workshops, and continuous interactions.

Mr. Kunal Dalal, Managing Director, JBCN International School, quotes, “These exceptional placements are testament to the hard work, perseverance and dedication demonstrated by our learners, teaching and counselling team throughout their academic journey. JBCN International School provides a nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, personal growth and a passion for lifelong learning. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our 12th grade learners and their success stands as an inspiration for future generations and reflects the values and ethos of JBCN International School.”

The IBDP and A Levels curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and holistic development, research, equipping learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s dynamic world. The exceptional university placements and early decisions earned by our 12th-grade learners indicate the effectiveness of these programs in preparing them for higher education. The faculty, counselling team and non-teaching staff have played a pivotal role in guiding, mentoring and supporting our learners in every step of the way. Their expertise, tireless efforts and commitment to excellence have contributed significantly to the learners’ achievements and university placements.

About JBCN Education has been a pioneering organization in the field of education for over three decades. JBCN Education has a network of four International Schools across Borivali, Parel, Oshiwara and Chembur in Mumbai that offer a range of curricula viz. the IB’s (PYP & DP), CAIE (CP, IGCSE, A levels) & ICSE. With a strong base of over 5000 learners and 700 plus globally trained teachers, JBCN Education provides unparalleled education which serves as a cornerstone for lifelong learning.

Founded by Mrs. Pinky Dalal, JBCN Education is powered by a dynamic team driven by a strong vision and incorporates cutting-edge educational practices embraced globally. Its Managing Directors, Mr. Kunal Dalal and Ms. Hemali Dalal have synergised their expertise and experience in school management, finance, banking, and marketing towards creating a premier group of educational institutions. These institutions aim to create a future legacy of learners who are the changemakers of tomorrow.

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