Oxford Big Read Competition Commences for Indian Students

All submitted entries will be judged by national, regional and global jury members through three phases of assessment

Oxford University Press (OUP) India has launched 5th edition of the Oxford Big Read Global competition, an annual reading competition. The competition is open to all students from classes 1-9 studying in schools across India.

This year, OUP has collaborated with Faber-Castell. Students participating in the level 1 category can win gift hampers from Faber-Castell.

There are three levels in the competition:

  • Level 1 (classes 1-3): Design a new book jacket for the book read and include the title, author, illustration and two sentences about the book.
  • Level 2 (classes 4-6): Write something interesting about the book. Include the title, author, kind of story, setting and main characters. What did you like, what did you dislike and if the story can be changed, what would it be?
  • Level 3 (classes 7-9): Write a critical review of an OUP book. Include the title, author, kind of story, setting and main characters. Write a critical review or compare and contrast two.

How to participate?

Students who participate in the competition will need to read any one reader of OUP from the Big Read catalogue provided and do the activity based on the category they belong to. They can also read an eBook from Oxford Reading Buddy, OUP’s digital reading service. Participating schools can avail of a free trial of Oxford Reading Buddy for up to 100 students of classes 3 – 4 for three months to support their reading.

Entries for the competition must be submitted through the school and the deadline for sharing entries is 5th October 2023. No individual entries from parents and children will be accepted. National-level winners will be announced on 30th October 2023 and global winners will be announced on 30th November 2023. The submitted entries will be evaluated for creativity, imagination and originality and will be adjudged by an expert panel of a jury.

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