IIMB Welcomes New Batch of Pre-doctoral Students

  • The NS Ramaswamy Pre-doctoral Fellowship (NSR Pre-doc), launched in 2018, helps participants prepare for a doctoral degree

Twelve students – eight women and four men, from different parts of India, were welcomed to the sixth batch of the NS Ramaswamy Pre-doctoral Fellowship Programme at IIM Bangalore. As part of the one-year certificate programme, they will be mentored by faculty members at the institute. They will get the opportunity to engage with both current and former PhD scholars and receive expert guidance in writing research proposals. They will experience student life at the IIMB campus.

The twelve NSR Pre-doc fellows will pursue their studies in areas such as Decision Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Public Policy, Production & Operations Management, OB&HRM, Economics, Strategy and Marketing.

The students said they were excited about receiving academic training that would help them enrol for a PhD programme in their fields of interest that range from Media and Communication to Entrepreneurship.

The NS Ramaswamy Pre-doctoral Fellowship (NSR Pre-doc), launched in 2018 by IIM Bangalore, helps participants prepare for a doctoral degree.

The programme is designed around the needs of doctoral-level students and helps them navigate the process of applying for a doctoral degree. Once they have successfully completed the programme at IIMB, they are equipped to take tests and interviews in universities where their research areas match.

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