University of Dreams Should be Affordable, Accessible & Friendly: Experts

Academicians discuss the key factors for building a successful University for Students

From making the university affordable and accessible to design it in a way that can mentor and shape the lives of the students, a highly qualified panel discusses almost everything about making the university of dreams. They were speaking at the 6th BW Education Annual Higher Education Conference held in Chennai on Wednesday.

Prof Dr M Krishnan, Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Tamil Nadu said, “In our universities, we need student-centric teachers for better results, universities must have friendly nature towards the students and on the campuses, students should learn to live in a society with ethics and moral.”

“In a way you are admitting the students, updating the curriculum every year and good teachers are among the major factors in building the university of dreams,” he added.

To Dr S Geethalakshmi, Vice-Chancellor, Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute, Chennai, making university accessible to students is primarily important. She said, “To have a dream university it should be easily accessible and affordable to all students and it must have contacts with both the rural area and urban area.”

“Parents and students think about the quality of the education given by the university and that depends upon the faculty of the institute,” she further said.

Prof R Sathyanarayanan, Sundram Fasteners Associate Professor of Marketing, IFMR Graduate School of Business, Krea University, believes that different students have different choices when it comes to thinking about their dream university. He shared the insights from a study ‘Call of Dronacharya’ and said, “Study shows that a section of the students wants fun and enjoyment with learning in the university, a second group wants the badge value of the university like IIT & IIM and the third group who are motivation seekers, apart from learning and badge value they want the faculties who can mentor them and shape their values. We must on all these choices while building the dream university.”

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