NIU Highlights Benefits of Green Solar Energy

At the Solar Energy Conclave 2023 at Noida International University, speakers discuss climate change and corrective actions, encouraging students to volunteer and pursue solar energy solutions

The School of Business Management at Noida International University hosted the Solar Energy Conclave 2023, with guest Dr Chetan Solanki, a solar energy expert and professor at IIT Bombay, as the guest of honour. Speakers included were Abhinav Mahajan, Ashish Kumar, and Anurag Bansal.

The focus of the event was on the importance of taking green initiatives to address the environmental concerns associated with energy consumption.

Dr Solanki presented six key points on climate change and corrective actions, emphasizing the need to use solar energy to limit consumption and protect finite resources. He encouraged students to volunteer for the Energy Swaraj Yatra 2020-30, which advocates for 100 per cent solar energy. Ashish shared new solar startup ideas and offered internship opportunities at his firm, while Abhinav inspired students to pursue their passions and set an example for the world. Anurag highlighted India’s emergence as a solar energy manufacturer, reducing its reliance on other countries for energy.

In conclusion, the Solar Energy Conclave 2023 successfully conveyed the importance of solar energy and green initiatives in addressing climate change and environmental concerns.

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