Jagran Lakecity University Launches MBA Business Analytics in Collaboration with Grant Thornton

Jagran Lakecity University crosses another milestone for students from across the borders of Central India by launching the much-desired MBA program in Business Analytics. It was launched on 11th April for the academic year starting from July 2023 in the presence of Chief Guest Mr Rajeev Agarwal, President, Association of All Industries, Mandideep, Mr Siddharth Talwar, Partner, Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, Mr Pradeep Pandey and Mr Kapil Arora, Director, Learning and Development Academy, Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, and team, Dr Vivek Khare, Registrar, JLU, Dr P.K Biswas, Dean, Quality Initiatives, JLU and Dr Subrata Dey, Associate Dean, Faculty of Management and Commerce.

Business Analytics has become the most talked about subject in the world of Business education because of the multi-dimensional uses of data in revealing the trends, and problems and also indicating the future steps for a business enterprise.

This is a rigorous 2-year MBA program launched in collaboration with Grant Thornton, a Global leader in Accounting and Analytics. Jagran Lakecity University has always been at the forefront of bringing the most contemporary business programs in Central India. The efforts of Jagran Lakecity University have been given a cutting edge by its collaboration with a global brand Grant Thornton which makes this Business Analytics program a pioneer in Central India.

Apart from the generic management courses, the MBA (Business Analytics) will provide a strong emphasis on training the students with the most current software in analytics like R, Python, SPSS, Hadoop, Excel Power tools, and Excel BI. Advanced Business Statistics and Database Management with SQL, Big Data Management with Hadoop, and predictive modeling are the other highlights of the cutting-edge program.

Grant Thornton brings with it a range of experts who will provide students with hands-on practical skills in Business Analytics and support it with internships and Placement in Corporate bodies across India.

Grant Thornton’s Director of Learning and Development Academy Mr Pradeep Pandey congratulated the Management of the university on making this coveted collaboration possible and presented the major corporate opportunities that it will bring for students from the perspectives of marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. Industry officials from Xebia and Sarva Foam participated in a panel discussion on the potential of this program and what it means for the Industry. This was followed by a range of questions from prospective students that were answered by Industry experts. Student enrollments have started for the batch of 2023-25 accompanied by required counseling about the program.

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