Corstone, Bihar Govt to Enhance Adolescent Wellbeing

To reach approximately 35,000 government schools and 534 KGBVs, providing wellbeing skills to over 3.5 million Standard VI-VIII students annually

CorStone, a non-profit organisation that works to foster inner health and wellbeing in marginalised and vulnerable youth, organised an event in Delhi today to highlight the need for immediate policy action for promoting inner well-being and health among adolescents. Their objective is to fulfil the aims of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 that focuses on developing individuals who possess not only cognitive abilities, but also strong character, holistic perspectives, and essential 21st century skills.

NCERT surveyed school students in 2022 about their thoughts on mental health and well-being. The survey revealed that students feel responsible for doing well in school, like school in general, but also feel anxious and have mood swings related to studies and exams, which points to the need for a holistic approach towards ensuring good mental health of school children. The conference titled ‘Promoting Adolescent Wellbeing in Every School: Bihar Leads the Way”, was aimed as a brainstorming session amongst policymakers, educators and mental health experts to help device strategies to meet the urgent need.

The event had speakers and participants from the Departments of Health and Education from the Government of Bihar and officials from the Union Education and Health Ministries, mental health and adolescent health experts, researchers, practitioners, Civil Society Organisations and funding agencies. The discussion included school-based approaches and actions needed to promote positive outcomes for adolescents’ mental health.

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