Aligarh Muslim University Teacher Completes US Exchange Programme

Dr Zainab Sarwat, assistant professor, department of English, Aligarh Muslim University has completed the US Exchange Program funded by the US government on “Exploring American Perspectives through Popular Culture” at Kansas State University in Manhattan, USA. As a part of the exchange program, she participated in various discussions related to American culture and the cultural showcase of India in Kansas and Portland.

Sarwat was selected from Regional English Language Office (RELO), US Embassy-sponsored English Access MicroScholarship Program, running at the UGC Human Resource Development Centre, AMU.

She participated as a panellist in the TESOL convention for ESL educators held in Portland, Oregon, and conducted a session on “Using FORUM for Teacher Reflection and Professional Development”. English Teaching FORUM is a reputed ELT journal that has completed 61 years of publication from the US Department of State.

Prof Mohammad Asim Siddiqui, chairman of the department, congratulated Dr Zainab for serving on FORUM as a panellist.

Dr Faiza Abbasi, director of UGC HRDC said that Zainab serving on the FORUM Panel is a remarkable achievement for AMU and the Access program.

Prof AR Kidwai, director of the Centre for Quranic Studies and Academic Advisor English Access MicroScholarship Program said, “Zainab has made AMU proud as her exposure to the TESOL educator program has brought a valuable addition to the Access Program at AMU.”

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