Why are International Students Flocking to Italy for Higher Education

There is a shift of focus among study abroad aspirants when choosing a study destination; students are looking beyond traditional English-taught countries and universities

Italy has built a robust higher education system, learning from its setbacks and the practical application of policies. The nation is rapidly evolving to become a prominent study-abroad destination for aspirants. In fact, around 6000 Indian students are currently studying in Italy as they are looking for options beyond the USA, UK, Canada, etc and moving to unconventional destinations.

Not only that, the US News ranks Italy in 4th position for the Best Countries to Study Abroad. The country’s diverse degree programs and ease of living are some top attractions for international students.

Why should students consider Italy to study abroad?
Higher education institutions have devised various initiatives to expand and internationalise Italy’s education system, such as introducing multiple courses in different fields, expanding their presence to smaller cities, etc. The government policies also focus on promoting research opportunities and meeting students’ demands. These innovations have led to increased student enrolments. Today, Italy has over 500 English-taught programs, the popular ones being Computer Science, Architecture, MBA, Fashion Design, etc.

The country has some of the best universities in the world. In fact, 37 Italian universities are a part of the QS world ranking in 2022. The universities largely contribute to research and innovation in fields like climate change, medicine, etc.

Students are also choosing Italy because of its affordable programs compared to other European countries. Also, to fill the unemployment gap, Italy has developed the National Recovery and Resilience plan to create employment and foster economic growth. This initiative aims to lift Italy’s GDP by 1.5-2.5 per cent by 2026 and bring around 240000 people into jobs.

The country’s culture is also one of the major attractions for international students. Italy tops the charts in Cultural Influence rankings for boasting rich architecture, art, music, literature and much more. It is home to the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Worldwide. Apart from being a part of a great education system, international students will also be able to learn about this rich culture and lifestyle.

What should students know before going to study in Italy?
While it is exciting to move to a foreign land for world-class education, it is imperative that students are aware of the key things before moving to Italy.

The first step includes researching the application process and visa requirements. This will help them not to miss out on any details and timelines. They should also learn about the type of degree and institution to make informed decisions.

Next, students must visit a local police station within 8 days of arriving in Italy to get the residency card. They need their visa and this card to live in Italy beyond 90 days.

Also, knowing the Italian language will always give the students an edge as it will help them communicate with the locals efficiently. Similarly, Italy is not a country where plastic money is prevalent, so it is always advised to carry some cash.

There is a shift of focus among study abroad aspirants when choosing a study destination. Students are looking beyond traditional English-taught countries and universities and are considering factors such as healthcare facilities, ease of living, affordability, etc., to choose the right study-abroad country. With over 32000 international students studying in Italy, the interest in studying here is continuously growing. This country can be a crucial player in the overseas study market with research and job opportunities.

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