Open-source eLearning giant Moodle Taps into $30 bn Indian EdTech Market with India Launch

  • Sushil Karampuri, MD, Moodle India | Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder, Moodle | Shrikant Sinha, CEO, Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) | B.V.R. Mohan Reddy, Founder and Chairman, Cyient

Moodle, the world’s most customizable and trusted eLearning solution, today launched its Indian subsidiary – Moodle India, that will help it tap into the forecast $30 billion Indian EdTech market and extend its social impact.

The launch of Moodle India follows the acquisition of eAbyas Info Solutions in December 2022, which has now been fully integrated into the global Moodle ecosystem. This will be the first time that Indian customers will be able to directly access a comprehensive range of services from the local subsidiary of Moodle.

“Moodle supports 41 million courses in 142 languages globally and our open source software has helped thousands of educational institutions and organisations around the world deliver more than 1.8 billion course enrollments so far. India, with its great history of education, is key to our mission of empowering educators to make quality online education accessible for all. With the launch of Moodle India, we plan to solidify our lead in online education and also help upskill India by partnering corporates in their Learning and Development objectives for employees,” said Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder, Moodle.

The launch of the Indian subsidiary will help Moodle have improved communication and support for its established client base, faster response time to issues and help it develop stronger relationships with clients. “With a physical presence in India, we can offer more personalized services that meet the specific needs of Indian universities and businesses. This is a key customer segment for us as Moodle is already being used by 60% of the higher education institutions here,” added Mr. Dougiamas.

Additionally, being close to its clients can help Moodle better understand the Indian market and tailor its services accordingly, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. “The launch of Moodle India provides us the opportunity to grow a larger domestic business, which supports educational institutions and corporates,” said Sushil Karampuri, MD, Moodle India. He added that India is undergoing a digital transformation that’s driving increased demand for online learning. “Moodle, the most widely used open source learning system, can now extend the reach of learning and training across India,” said Karampuri.

“Our Indian presence provides the opportunity to tap into the local engineering and developer talent that India can provide as part of the broader Moodle ecosystem,” said Bill Anderson, Global Head of Services, Moodle.

India is now one of the largest global EdTech markets driven by the uptake in digital learning, increasing internet access, mobile penetration and a large and growing number of children and young adults in education. The country has seen rapid adoption of learning management platforms across the corporate, higher education and government sectors. As a leading global learning management solution, India is one of Moodle’s largest growing markets based on the number of Moodle sites registered.

Moodle’s focus in India is on three areas

  • Educational institutions
  • Corporates for learning and development programmes for their employees
  • Government institutions around certification, deployment of content, and activities that facilitate large-scale availability of digital tools to the largest number of people possible, which also covers Moodle’s social mission.

As a Certified B Corp Company, India is key to Moodle’s social objective of empowering educators to make quality online education accessible for all. “Since our foundation in 1999, we have been democratising education the ‘open source’ way. We believe that free and open access to education technology is fundamental to creating a more equitable world where everyone can pursue a quality education,” added Mr. Dougiamas. Having a meaningful presence in the world’s largest democracy helps Moodle better serve a social purpose in terms of broadening access to cutting-edge digital tools and services.

Moodle Learning Management System has constantly evolved while being committed to pedagogy, open source philosophy, and a collaborative global community of like-minded educators and technologists. As a company that exemplifies the principle of using technology as a force for good, Moodle has been honoured as a member of Open Education Global and the UNESCO Global Education Coalition.

About Moodle Moodle is the world’s most customisable and trusted online learning solution. The heart of the ecosystem is Moodle LMS, the open source, feature-rich, secure and scalable learning management system that integrates seamlessly with other platforms and can be customised for any teaching or training method in over 100 languages. With fresh and intuitive interfaces, Moodle has solutions suitable for K-12, higher education, vocational training, corporates, and all types of enterprise learning. From improving teaching and student outcomes to streamlining training, onboarding, and compliance management, Moodle provides more active and engaging online learning spaces.

When you choose Moodle, you become part of a global community of people who love our online learning platform and our values. You can get support from our active community forums, access Moodle’s certified integrations, and explore over 1900 open source plugins. We also deliver expert advice and end-to-end support and service through our service organizations and network of Moodle Certified Partners.

At Moodle, we celebrate our hundreds of millions of learners around the globe and the educators and trainers who facilitate their lifelong learning.

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