Global Independent Schools Association Urges Indian Schools To Join Forces

  • 340,000 plus Indian independent schools invited to join representative body for the worldwide independent k-12 education sector

The 340,000 plus independent (private) schools across India have been urged to join forces with schools from across the world in the first worldwide representative body for the K-12 independent education sector – the Global Independent Schools Association (GISA). A vital aim of the organisation is in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, to improve education provision throughout the world, in all sectors, by sharing knowledge.

According to recent figures from the World Bank, over 50 per cent of secondary school pupils and 13 per cent of primary school pupils in India are enrolled in an independent institution – whether not for profit, profit, run by a private body such as a non-governmental organisation, religious body, special interest group, foundation or business enterprise.

The new body has been launched for knowledge sharing between the independent sector and governments to help improve education worldwide. As per the organisation, they hope to make their voice heard as a partner in achieving SDG4: ensuring inclusive, equitable, quality education for all by 2030.

This global association seeks to co-ordinate, represent and give a voice to the global K-12 independent education sector – filling a ‘representation void’ of a sector that educates 350 million children around the world – including 52 per cent of secondary school children in South Asia and 45 per cent of primary school children in Latin America.

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