Cultivating leadership and excellence in Musical Cadets

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is a leading global university in Asia, offering The Master of Music Leadership program. They have a comprehensive approach to education and research. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Master of Music Leadership (MMusL) is offered by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YST).

The Master of Music leadership is a graduate degree program that aims to encourage musicians who want to develop their skills and be the leaders of change within Singapore’s rapidly evolving musical landscape and the world.

The MMusL curriculum is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, furnishing graduates with competencies to keep pace with changes wrought by rapid technological development, digitalization of the music profession, and the societal need for cross-domain competencies and collaboration. Graduates will emerge with an increased versatility that will allow them to adapt more quickly and effectively in their current and future career paths.

The Master of Music Leadership is more than just an educational programme—it is a transformative experience. One of the most gratifying aspects is witnessing the genuine relationships forged within classrooms.

The backbone of this program:

  • Cultivate leadership and entrepreneurial music skills within a learning environment that keeps abreast of and contributes to the evolution of the musical landscape.
  • Attain excellence in individual practice to enhance artistic vision and credibility with the support of a well-established yet constantly innovating institution.
  • Be empowered as a future music industry leader with critical thinking skills within and across disciplines, diversified knowledge and skillsets, and access to various world-class faculties within NUS.

Damien Lim, an Artistic Director of the Ministry of Bellz and student inaugural MMusL cohort, said the MMusL journey gave him the time to learn and improve to become a better leader and manager. It has allowed him to look inwards as a reflective practitioner – to sit down and reflect on what has been done, should be done, and can be done.

The program and well-designed curriculum prepare students to advance their career in the musical arena, which is overwhelmingly evolved, shaped by tastes, emotions, and vibrations of people as the times change.

Students enrolling in the MMusL are trained to be future leaders in the music industry, under the watchful eyes of well-trained experts at different stages of the program from the beginning. The students work alongside teachers to keep improving their skills not only in the musical arena but also all aspects of self-management, event management and organizing any musical event.

The program of musical Leadership confronts the students to real life scenarios, instilling in them the art of advance thinking in advance and also engender spontaneous response to unexpected reactions.

The students are equipped with skill sets to enhance artistic vision and credibility by challenging them in a competitive setting with experts encouraging them all the time.

The institute prepares students with an excellent ability to constantly reinvent themselves and be versatile in handling multiple aspects of digitization, audition, visual presentation, playing with sensibilities and vulnerabilities of the audience.

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