Barkha Dutt to teach at Masters’ Union School of Business

Masters’ Union collaborates with Barkha Dutt to teach effective communication and leadership at the business school in Gurgaon

Masters’ Union, the business school based in Gurgaon renowned for its unique curriculum and innovative teaching pedagogy, has announced the addition of Barkha Dutt, a distinguished Indian broadcast journalist, author and media entrepreneur to its faculty. She has been appointed to conduct a Women in Leadership masterclass for the current PGP cohort. The collaboration with Barkha Dutt demonstrates the B-school’s dedication to providing its students with the best educational opportunities and equipping them with the latest skills and knowledge required for success in today’s business world.

Barkha Dutt, Editor of Mojostory and an Emmy-nominated journalist and author said, “I am looking forward to the masterclass at Masters’ Union and to be a part of the ‘Women in Leadership’ module for the current PGP cohort. Effective and persuasive communication is the cornerstone of successful business leadership. In the toughest of times, teams look up to leaders who can communicate constructively. In a sense, it’s what binds a team together. It enables leaders to inspire, motivate and engage their teams, build strong relationships with customers and stakeholders, and drive meaningful change towards achieving their goals.”

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