Q&I by Thomson Digital Bags ArdorComm’s ‘Outstanding Digital Education Platform Provider of the Year’

Q&I awarded with the Outstanding Digital Education Platform Provider of the Year 2023 Award

Thomson Digital is proud to announce that its breakthrough Edtech platform, Q&I, has been awarded the much coveted “Outstanding Digital Education Platform Provider of the Year 2023” by ArdorComm Media at the New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards 2023 held at Kolkata, West Bengal. The prestigious award recognizes the best and the most innovative digital education platforms in the industry.

Q&I is an interactive and user-friendly platform that enables learners to access educational content anytime, and from anywhere. The platform has been designed to provide NEET and JEE aspirants with personalized learning experiences, while also empowering educators with effective tools that would let them create engaging and informative lessons. The platform’s cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the way students consume digital educational content, making it much more immersive and understandable.

Mr. Vinay Singh, CEO, Thomson Digital and Q&I said, “We are delighted to receive the Outstanding Digital Education Platform Provider of the Year 2023 award. Our proprietary platform, Q&I, is the result of years of hard work and dedication from our team, and we are thrilled by the recognition conferred to us by ArdorComm Media. We believe that Q&I is a game-changer for the education industry, and we look forward to further developing and refining our platform to meet the evolving needs of competitive exam aspirants and educators.”

ArdorComm Media’s awards are highly respected within the education industry, and the ‘Outstanding Digital Education Platform Provider of the Year 2023 award’ is no exception. The award is a testament to the impact that Q&I has had on its stakeholders across the globe with more than 50 prestigious schools, colleges, and organizations participating in the event.

“We were impressed by the quality of Q&I’s platform and the wide range of features it offers. The platform is highly innovative, and we believe it has the potential to transform the way students and teachers engage with digital content. We are pleased to confer this award to Thomson Digital,” said a representative from ArdorComm Media.

Thomson Digital is committed to delivering high-quality digital education solutions that tailor-made to empower the education sector. Q&I is just one of the many ground-breaking edtech platforms that the company has developed in the recent years. Over the years Thomson Digital’s dedication towards innovation and excellence has made it a pioneer in the digital education space.

About Thomson Digital Thomson Digital is a comprehensive digital publishing solutions provider focused on empowering publishers by delivering smart solutions. In the last five decades, the Group has partnered with customers to provide them with transformational workflow and technology solutions, e-learning, content development, processing, and rich media development to meet their business objectives.

The Group’s unmatched experience in the technology-powered publishing arena allows a full-stack view of smart publishing today. Thomson Digital has worked extensively to harness transformative digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to help customer businesses evolve.

About Q&I Q&I is a breakthrough EdTech platform curated by Thomson Digital. The platform has been built by experts from IITs, NITs and IISER with an aim to revolutionise entrance exam preparation in India.

It is an adaptive, assessment-led learning platform that places the students at the center of its design. It uses AI, ML technologies and a hyper-layered gradation of concepts to unlock insights about all student’s unique strengths and areas of improvement at a topic, sub-topic and concept level in a given subject. The insights serve as a foundation for a super-customised learning support that works uniquely for every student and empowers them to craft their own preparation journey based on their unique strengths and learning styles and pace.

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