IMS Noida Organized a Faculty Development Programme on “Understanding Business Disruptions”

IMS Noida organized a Faculty Development Programme on the topic “Understanding Business Disruption” which was delivered by Rahul Jain. The FDP strives to raise awareness of entrepreneurship, provide instructors with the information and skills necessary to instil entrepreneurial ideals in students, and also give information about the problem-solving skills of entrepreneurship.

While addressing Rahul Jain discussed how important it is to have problem-solving skills in entrepreneurship when there is a disruption in business. He said It is helpful when you need to address a problem, in addition to being significant in customer acquisition. Entrepreneurs that take the initiative always seek out better methods to operate, interact with their personnel, and improve their goods and services, unwittingly lowering the likelihood of future issues.

Dr Kulneet Suri, Senior Director of IMS Noida said, “There are several risks and obligations associated with being an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who takes risks and shows initiative in an effort to turn a profit. Although each entrepreneur has their own distinctive approach to issue solving, some of these methods are intrinsically more successful than others. In life, and much more so in business, problem-solving skills are crucial. Problem-solving is a part of everyday living, regardless of your career, sector, or way of life.”

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