How Will your Career take Shape after BA in Liberal Arts & an Undergraduate Program?

With the everchanging and diversifying economic landscape, interdisciplinary educational courses, such as BA Hons Liberal Arts, are rising. As employment opportunities increase and evolve, the demand for a broad-based education is also growing. The BA Hons Liberal Arts course at Bennett University offers students a stronger foundation for better employment opportunities.

Here’s how a BA Hons Liberal Arts degree from one of the best BA colleges in India can boost your career to new heights.

Benefits of Studying BA Hons Liberal Arts

The BA Hons Liberal Arts degree is a multi-disciplinary course allowing students to explore a variety of subjects, such as Political Science, English, Philosophy and more. One of the significant advantages of pursuing such a broad base course is flexibility. In fact, throughout their course, students can even choose to focus on a single subject.

Here are some of the top benefits of pursuing a BA (Hons.) in Liberal Arts at Bennett University.

  • The diversity & flexibility of the program allows you to combine and learn from various branches of study, such as Social Work, Public Policy, Mass Communication, HR and more.
  • You develop various soft skills that help you advance in your professional life.
  • The educational experience prepares you to cope well with changes and quickly adapt to your circumstances.
  • You develop critical and analytical skills that enhance your perception and understanding of the world.
  • With a degree in BA (Hons.) Liberal Arts from a top college in India, you have the option to choose from a wide selection of careers.
  • It is a broad base course, and the exposure you get here prepares you for leadership roles in various industries.

Some Lucrative Career Options after BA Hons Liberal Arts

The BA Hons Liberal Arts students graduating from Bennett University will have a wide range of highly lucrative career options. The flexibility and diversity of the course make them highly adaptable to all types of work environments. Some top career choices of most students with a degree in BA Liberal Arts are listed below:


Journalism is perhaps the most popular career choice for most graduating with a degree in BA (Hons.) Liberal Arts from Bennett University. It allows the student to explore the investigative, analytical and critical skills they have attained on the field and throw light on newsworthy incidents for the masses. It is an interesting career choice for such students. And they are responsible for holding people accountable and bringing out the truth for the people to know.

Social Media Manager

With the advent of digital marketing and the rise of social media, there has been a marked rise in the demand for efficient social media managers across various organisations and brands. The responsibility of a social media manager is managing their brand’s presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They are also responsible for building relevant campaigns to draw in the audience & increase reach. Your BA Hons in Liberal Arts from Bennett University will teach you the necessary linguistic and analytical skills to help you succeed in this field.

Public Relations

A very lucrative career option that many graduates of BA Liberal Arts from Bennett University often choose is that of Public Relations Specialists. As PR Specialists, they are responsible for the organisation’s reputation and good name and maintain strategic ties with clients and collaborators. In this role, you will get to work closely with media persons and establish a good rapport with them to ensure a favourable opinion for your brand. The curriculum at Bennett University helps develop analytical and diplomatic skills that can go a long way in helping you with your career.

Event Planning

Event planning is an exciting career option for BA Hons Liberal Arts students. After graduating with your degree in this course, you can start your event management firm or work with the biggest names in the industry to make events successful and memorable. In this industry, you will often get to work with key people working in various organisations across industries. And the logistics and planning skills you develop will be elemental in making your events successful.

Management Consultancy

As management consultants, your job is to evaluate the management at various organisations & provide them with constructive suggestions to streamline their processes for better productivity and efficiency. As students of BA Liberal Arts, you will get the chance to hone your managerial and business skills. And it will allow you to point out the drawbacks in their management & suggest ways to tackle them effectively.

Why Study BA Liberal Arts at Bennett University?

As one of the top BA colleges in India, Bennett University offers its students a unique opportunity to learn from the best minds in the industry. The university’s modern teaching practices and industry-focused curriculum contribute towards a well-rounded educational experience.

The BA Liberal Arts at Bennett University curriculum has a balanced approach to theoretical and practical learning. It creates a holistic learning opportunity for students that propels them towards a successful career.

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