GLA University’s 11th Convocation Ceremony ends in a Joyous Environment

  • The University awarded 3,136 Degree with 22 Gold Medals and 22 Silver Medals
  • Hon’ble CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath said, ‘don’t rest after obtaining a degree; contribute to the national development’

The 11th Convocation Ceremony of GLA University, Mathura (UP) ended with glory and joy. A total of 3,136 degrees were awarded with 22 Gold Medals and 22 Silver Medals for UG & PG students in the convocation ceremony. Moreover, merit certificates were awarded to 24 students.

The opening ceremony of the event was performed in the presence of Chief Guest & Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath Ji, Shri Narayan Das Agrawal Ji (Chancellor, GLA University), Guests of Honour, Sh. Laxminarayan Chaudhary (Hon’ble Sugar & Cane Development Minister, UP), Sh. Yogendra Upadhyay (Hon’ble Higher Education, Science & Technology, and Electronics & Information Technology Minister, UP) and Dr. Ramkishore Agrawal (Chairman, R.K. Group).

All the guests and GLA staff lightened lamps and bowed down to Mata Sarawati and the inspirational source of GLA University, Sh. Ganeshilal Agrawal Ji. Prof. Phalguni Gupta (Vice-Chancellor, GLA University), Prof. Anup Kumar Gupta (Pro Vice-Chancellor, GLA University, and Sh. Ashok Kumar Singh (Registrar, GLA University) were also present on the stage. Before this, an academic procession was performed in the presence of Chief Guest, Guests of Honour, and the leadership team of GLA University in main conference hall. After this, the Hon’ble Chancellor of GLA University announced the event opening.

The Chief Guest of the event, Yogi Adityanath Ji said, ‘it’s a pleasure to have dialogue with the students on the occasion of the convocation ceremony of a reputed university.’ He congratulated all the students and the faculty of GLA University.

He added, ‘the thought that strikes the mind with ‘Brajbhoomi’ is the name of Lord Krishna who took birth 5,000 years ago on this holy land. The ancient heritage of Lord Krishna’ life and his childhood antics will remain with us forever. Obviously, we were not that resource-rich in the era of Lord Krishna. But one thing always strikes my mind when renowned Social Activist Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia was asked about the key points behind the India’s integrity. He said that may countries in the world have developed as well as diminished. Many cultures have ended. But three great men are responsible for India always being India. Dr. Lohia addressed them as three great men, not god. Hon’ble CM mentioned the highly advanced CSED Facility and rich academic structure of GLA University in his speech.

GLA University awarded honorary degree to Sh. J.C. Chaudhary (Chairman, Akash Educational Service). The university Registrar Sh. Ashok Kumar Singh warmly welcomed all the guests. The Pro Vice-Chancellor of university, Prof. Anup Kumar Gupta presented the introduction of the guests.

The Vice-Chancellor of GLA University, Prof. Phalguni Gupta showed the future projections apart from the current progress of the university. He said, ‘in the past few years, GLA University has achieved a lot of success milestones. These achievements symbolize the kind of educational standards we follow at GLA University. GLA University always helps the needy ones apart from supporting its students. Our faculty has always focused on making our students industry-ready. As a result, the top recruiters from the industry pick the talent from GLA. Moreover, our Training & Placement Department has always strived hard to collaborate with new recruiters. Now, GLA University has attained NAAC A+ score with a superb score of 3.46 out of 4. We have become the #1 among state private universities with NAAC A+ Accreditation in India.

The Chancellor of GLA University, Shri Narayandas Agrawal Ji presented a memento to Yogi Adityanath Ji. Also, the CEO of GLA University, Shri Neeraj Agrawal gifted the memento to Sh. Laxminarayan Chaudhary (Hon’ble Sugar & Cane Development Minister, UP). Moreover, the CFO of GLA University, Shri Vivek Agrawal honored Sh. Yogendra Upadhyay (Hon’ble Higher Education, Science & Technology, and Electronics & Information Technology Minister, UP) with a memento. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Phalguni Gupta gifted a memento to Chancellor, Shi Narayan Das Agrawal Ji. The Chancellor of GLA University announced the ending of the even and it was concluded with an academic progression.

A Glimpse of Achievements by GLA Students: GLA University, Mathura (UP) awarded 47 Ph.D., 42 B.Sc. Biotech (Hons.), 27 B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.), 16 B.Sc. Physics (Hons.), 13 B.A. Economics (Hons.), 174 BBA, 114 BBA (Hons.), 38 BBA Family Business, 18 B.Com (Hons.) Global Accounting, 88 B.Com (Hons.), 56 B. Tech CE, 62 B. Tech EE, 2 B. Tech Electronics, 129 B. Tech ME, 103 B. Tech ECE, 765 B. Tech CSE, 35 B. Tech CSE CCV, 37 B. Tech CSE DA, 59 B. Tech CSE CSF, 26 B. Tech CSE IoT, 152 BCA, 86 B. Pharm, 43 B.Ed., 10 M.Sc. Biotech, 5 M.Sc. Immunology, 8 M.Sc. Chemistry, 5 M.Sc. Physics, 3 M.Sc. Mathematics, 5 M. Tech CE Transportation, 4 M. Tech CE Structural Engineering, 8 M. Tech CS, 3 M. Tech EE, 9 M. Tech EC, 8 M. Tech ME Production, 3 M. Tech ME Design, 308 MBA, 10 MBA Construction, 33 MBA FMB, 19 MBA LSCM, 68 MCA, 15 M. Pharm (Pharmacology), 15 M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics), 9 Executive LL.M. (Construction Law), 6 Executive LL.M. CDPL, 2 LL.M. BFIL, and 5 LL.M. CDPL students from Batch 2022. Moreover, 6 Diploma Chemical, 36 Diploma Civil Engineering, 60 Diploma CS, 109 Diploma EE, 8 Diploma EC, 172 Diploma ME, and 52 Diploma Pharmacy students were awarded diploma certificate in the event.

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