Ed-tech platform Talent Battle crosses 3.5 Lakh Registered Students Mark! The journey from 35 to 3.5 Lakh Students!

Ed-tech Company Talent Battle, which is the one-stop platform for placement preparation has crossed 3.5 Lakh registered students on their platform.

Starting with a small batch of 35 students and reaching 3.5 Lakh students’ marks has been an incredible journey of growth for Talent Battle.

In India, unemployment is a major issue than unemployment. Poor technical and interpersonal skills, a lack of competitive environment amongst students, a delayed approach towards career planning and preparation, the gap between industry and academics, and lack of a structured process in building skills are some of the reasons for un-employability. Talent Battle through its various offerings is trying to solve this issue on a larger scale says Ajinkya Kulkarni, Co-Founder of Talent Battle!

Talking about their journey, Amit Prabhu, the cofounder of Talent Battle said, “It started back when we were in our final year of graduation in 2013. Both, I and Ajinkya, got placed through campus placement. I was placed in Tata Technologies and Ajinkya was placed in TCS, we plan to establish our careers through our jobs. However, during the last month of graduation, a few friends of ours mentioned campus recruitment happening in their colleges and wanted us to help them crack it. We agreed and when we started with the sessions, we were shocked to realize that most of them were not aware of exactly how and what to prepare for placement in a particular company. That was enough inspiration for us where we knew we can contribute so much here expecting positive results. We devised a solid plan and delivered multiple sessions over the next couple of days.

He further added, “As it felt promising, a few other students joined as well. And as we were hoping more than half of them got placed in multinational companies. We realized the value of what we had done when their parents also appreciated our efforts for their children’s success. After feeling the sense of relief they reflected in their eyes for their child’s career, we had tears in our eyes. That was truly an incredible and eye-opening moment for us. The happiness was so much more than the moment when we both got our job offers. It also struck us with a realization that if our friends struggled so much with placement preparation, how terrible would be the case in other colleges where students did not have the necessary resources at their disposal? That was ‘The defining moment’ for us when we started to give serious thought to it.”

Amit and Ajinkya joined the companies they were placed in, to get corporate experience, and a year later they came back to their idea. Talent Battle worked with 50+ engineering colleges for placement preparation training and reached almost 35 to 40k students by 2018.

Talent Battle focus stayed primarily on tier 2, 3, and 4 cities where they frequently got questions like- How I can prepare for TCS? How can I get a job at Amazon? How to prepare for a local manufacturing company?

Students or applicants are well aware that there are opportunities with huge competition. It is like winning a battle where the only thing going to help them win this battle is by sharpening their sword by doing extensive preparation that too in an organized and guided manner.

On the internet, there is a hoard of information that is unorganized, and unverified, and nowhere an exact plan to prepare for a particular job process.

Almost 30 million undergraduate & postgraduate students pass out every year and start their preparation for job placements.

After realizing this, we understood to scale up we can’t limit ourselves to a specific area of the country.

So in 2018, Talent Battle decided to pivot and focus on building an online platform with the same aim of helping students with job preparation however intending to scale it massively.

Students willing to prepare for a service-based or a product-based company use the Talent Battle platform to begin on their way to landing their desired job.

We are a one-stop platform that provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with organized information & precise preparation plans on our platform.

Within 3 years of online presence, Talent Battle has crossed 3.5 Lakhs registered students on our platform and more than 250 K subscribers on YouTube.

Students from all over the nation from more than 5000 colleges use our services to prepare for job opportunities

Utilizing the vast network of students (earning handsome salaries being placed in big companies) established over the years, we also help with referral opportunities to our masterclass students.

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